A large number of grey containers, some of which are stacked inside one another, are set against a blue background.
A rustic long wooden table stands outside and is festively laid, with all kinds of colourful vegetables on it for decoration.
Ten pictograms relating to manual work are placed in white on an orange background.
Porträtfoto der italienischen Designerin Elena Salmistraro
Official image of the Pantone color 2024 Peach Fuzz 13-1023 with an orange dandelion in the middle.
Yellow-beige-coloured visual from the Ambiente Designer Academy.
A table is festively decorated and a variety of different dishes are placed on it.
Three products from the trend collages on a rainbow-coloured background.
A silver and a black fountain pen are open and lying on a wooden table.
Several screw-top jars stand side by side and are filled with colourful vegetables, including green asparagus, carrots and spring onions.
Neo-ecology is the formative megatrend of our time. This includes an increased environmental awareness and the striving for sustainability, whereby the mindful handling of ... weiterlesen