Vases by Wik&Walsoe and a armchair by Natures Collection.

Cosy Minimalism – less is more comfortable.

Cosy Minimalism – warmth, softness and minimalism: Are cosiness and a reduction to the essentials not mutually exclusive? No, they are not. And it is precisely this seemingly impossible combination of opposites that is so much in demand today – functionality and warmth, simplicity and emotion, practicality and homeliness. How do these things go together?


Is this lifestyle trend actually possible?

Trends are always based on current social developments. They are a response to needs, demands and aspirations. They change perspectives and offer solutions. Cosy Minimalism unites – or, to be more accurate, reconciles – styles that at first glance appear mutually exclusive.

In this time of globalisation and urbanisation, climate change and domestic isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our personal circumstances appear at first glance to be as incompatible as our expectations. However, why shouldn’t clean, reduced shapes and a soothing, warm atmosphere complement each other? For starters, minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean sharp edges. Although the furniture and cosy accessories in the Cosy Minimalism trend tend to have a simple basic shape, they often have rounded corners and edges – see, for instance, the furnishings by Bizzotto.

Graziani Cereria

Comfortable home accessories in relaxed colours.

Colour and tactile qualities have greater significance here. Cosy Minimalism consists not just of black and white, it also features feel-good gentle and pastel tones. Soft beige and grey, as well as warm sand and earth tones that come directly from nature, radiate comfort and serenity. They help slow us down – without sacrificing uncluttered practicality and functionality.

It’s often the accessories that provide the highlights, as demonstrated by the product ranges of Ambiente exhibitors – see, for instance, the lacquered round candles by Graziani Cereria, the sculptural vases by Guax and the geometric seating by Hey-Sign made of cuddly woollen felt that could easily function as a side table. A particularly cosy example is the green cowhide rug by Natures Collection – and the alternative to the traditional wax candle by Kooduu, a beautiful and safe flameless LED candle holder.

1 LED candle holder by Kooduu / 2 Remember wall clock / 3 Vases by Guaxs / 4 Natures Collection cow hide / 5 + 6 Coffee table and cabinet by Bizzotto

Warm minimalism for the home office.

Cosy Minimalism means fewer visual highlights and decorative accessories, and therefore less visual stress. There are no distracting elements – everything blends into a harmonious design. The Swedish company Bosign specialises in home office solutions, creating fluid transitions to the private sphere. The laptray can be used for working, for breakfast in bed, for dinner on the couch or for a host of other functions.

1 JAB armchair / 2 Le Feu fireplace / 3 + 4 Magazin stand and desklamp by Puhlmann Amsterdam / 5 Seat by Bloon Paris

Speaking of the home office: Flexible spaces are called for here, which at different times may look more or less like a work environment – a clear case for Cosy Minimalism as the style is restrained and does not dominate. Instead it uses highlights such as the stylish magazine rack and table lamp by Puhlmann Amsterdam or the velvet ball seat by Bloon Paris. The cardboard suitcases by Bigso are great for tidying up and stowing things away. The armchair by JAB is a seat for life – it’s multi-adjustable and features comfortable armrests. And for those who like to cosy up in front of the fire after work or on the weekend, the Le Feu freestanding fireplace is a flexible solution for indoors or out. Because it uses bio-ethanol fuel, it is 100% environmentally friendly and smoke-free. It delivers warmth, elegance and comfort – Warm Minimalism at its best.

Costa Nova

Cosy comfort on the table and in the kitchen.

Ambiente exhibitors recommend pastel and earthy tones for the table – as in the ceramics from Molde, the bonbonniere from Wik & Walsoe and the tableware from Portuguese manufacturer Costa Nova whose plates, bowls and cups in three contrasting glazes fascinate with their round, organic shapes. The products also catch the eye at second glance, for example the structures in the Alessi kettle, the textures in the table linen by Baltic Flax and the imaginative design of the Figgjo coffee set.

1 Bonbonnier by Wik & Walsoe / 2 Baltic Flax Napkin / 3 + 4 Molde Ceramics crockery and bowl / 5 coffee set Figgjo
Costa Nova

How about a spot of cosy comfort?

The trend can also be seen in fashion and personal accessories. Lovers of natural furniture and pastel-coloured home textiles will also tend to opt for light tones and sustainable materials for their clothing, for example the scarf by Jurate and watches and jewellery by Georg Jensen. The lambskin shopper by Natures Collection ensures you stay cosy while shopping.

Baltic Flax
1 + 4 + 5 Georg Jensen watch, earrings and bracelet / 2 Scarf by Jurate / 3 Natures Collection shopper

Warm Minimalism also means an emphasis on high-quality materials, on no-nonsense functional shapes – and on mindfulness. Many of the new cosy accessories and products are scented, such as the diffuser by Luin Living. Unnecessary frills are not tolerated, every detail serves a purpose, like the small shelf on the wall mirror by Remember that can be used to store mascara, earrings and much more. For complete self-care, the extra-long Yuyu Bottle can be used for keeping warm or cooling down.

1 + 2 Luin Living bathrobe and diffuser / 3 + 4 Soap saver and cedar wood blocks by Bosign / 5 Remember mirror
Yuyu Bottle

Cosy Minimalism – with an uncomplicated personality.

While ‘pure’ minimalism rejects all accessories, Cosy Minimalism is warm and features selected decorative elements – often with organic shapes. Natural materials such as wood, linen and ceramics give the furnishings a personal and authentic touch and underline the charm of this interior style. A good example of this is the Bosign Apple Watch charging station made from walnut, which looks like a sculptural object.

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