Official image of the Pantone color 2024 Peach Fuzz 13-1023 with an orange dandelion in the middle.

Pantone Color 2024: Peach Fuzz for a new softness.

For 25 years, the Pantone “Color of the Year” has captured the global spirit of the time. To mark the anniversary, Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz, a subtle, sensual peach shade, takes over the colour reigns in 2024. It conveys a feeling of friendliness, tenderness and warmth. With Peach Fuzz, the new softness becomes an embracing attitude to life.


The world is immersed in different colour tones and shades that awaken feelings and memories in us. Mood and well-being are influenced on both an emotional and physical level by the colours that surround us. Whether architecture and design, graphics and art, fashion or lifestyle – colour has an effect. A globally recognised institution when it comes to colour is the Pantone Color Institute, based in Carlsberg, New Jersey, USA. In 1999, the “Pantone Color of the Year” was launched as part of an educational programme to encourage the design community and colour enthusiasts around the world to exchange ideas about colour.


When Pantone 15-4020 Cerulean Blue was introduced as the first “Color of the Year”, no one could have imagined that this idea would develop into a cultural phenomenon with cult status, capturing the imagination of many designers, brands and consumers. As soon as Pantone announces a new “Color of the Year”, it is either enthusiastically celebrated or controversially discussed by the creative scene. For the 25th “Color of the Year”, the colour experts chose “13-1023 Peach Fuzz”. After the strong, vibrant purple shade Viva Magenta from last year, the fine, fluffy peach shade represents our need for care, empathy and compassion, which is becoming ever stronger at a time when so many areas of our lives are characterised by unrest and turmoil.

Leatrice Eiseman

The magic of colour

A soulful yet sweet and airy colour, Pantone Peach Fuzz 13-1023 evokes thoughts of a new modernity. It is a quiet, subtle and contemporary colour with depth, whose soft brightness is very discreet but effective and brings beauty into the (digital) world like a warm, inviting embrace. Who wouldn’t want to sink into the cosy, fluffy sofas of the Pantone Peach Fuzz hotel lobby (see photo above)?

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As “Color of the Year”, Peach Fuzz holds an exceptional position in the colour world and shows its influence in all areas of life. Its subtle sensuality and soft warmth make it an ideal colour for a wide range of clothing and fashion accessories. The cosy peach also plays a major role in furnishing and living. It creates comfortable, sometimes luxurious interiors, but also goes well with stone, concrete or wood and has no problem with different textures and surfaces. On the wall or as a striking eye-catcher in the room, Peach Fuzz individualises our ambience. In combination with powerful colours, Peach Fuzz becomes an oasis of calm; in partnership with other peach tones, it creates a trendy monochrome look. Accessories such as vases or chandeliers add colour accents, while cushions or towels bring the fluffy and cosy factor of Peach Fuzz to the fore.

1 Bumble by Hoptimist
2 Towel by Södahl
3 Doormat by Wash + Dry
4 Vase by Dottir
5 Vase by Rosenthal
6 Vase by blomus
7 Candlestick by Like by Villeroy & Boch
8 LED light by Sompex

Light and creamy: Dining with Peach Fuzz

An old adage says that you eat with your eyes, which has now been confirmed by studies at Oxford University. Scientists have discovered that people eat less from red plates, for example, than from white ones. Warm colours such as yellow, brown or orange, on the other hand, stimulate emotions and appetite.


Peach fuzz evokes associations with light, creamy dishes that melt in the mouth or a desire for a fruity cocktail on a sunny beach. From amuse-gueule to dessert, tableware in shades of peach provides an elegant stage for the chef’s various creations. But it’s not just on the table that peach-coloured kitchen utensils are en vogue, even during food preparation. The trendy colour look can be found in the natural wood kitchen in country house style as well as in the modern designer kitchen in chrome and white.

1 Plate by Dibbern / 2 Spice grinder by CrushGrind® / 3 Glass by Holmegaard / 4 Saucepan by Riess Email / 5 Storage box by Mepal / 6 Plate by Rosenthal meets Versace / 7 Thermos jug by Kähler

All in all, Peach Fuzz conveys a message of care, sharing, community and togetherness. With its “new softness”, the pleasant peach appeals to all our senses. Peach Fuzz brings calm to the hectic pace of modern life and focuses on the importance of community. It’s time to slow down, to get closer to friends and family. It’s time for Peach Fuzz!


Header image: Pantone