Ambiente blog series "Behind the booth: family business stories"
A rustic long wooden table stands outside and is festively laid, with all kinds of colourful vegetables on it for decoration.
Several screw-top jars stand side by side and are filled with colourful vegetables, including green asparagus, carrots and spring onions.
Neo-ecology is the formative megatrend of our time. This includes an increased environmental awareness and the striving for sustainability, whereby the mindful handling of ... weiterlesen
Pots with different herbs stand on the ground of a garden.
Tableware in earth tones and ceramic style placed on a rustic wooden table.
Red spice mills by Peugeot on a rustic table with red bowl and beetroot.
Tablescaping par excellence with products from Robbe & Berking.
Table grill from Morsø on table in the green.
White tent with outdoor products by IB Laursen in nature.
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