Club Chic.

The art of effortless style, as found in comfortable private members’ clubs, just oozes tradition. The Ambiente 2020 ‘precise + architectural’ trend showed how just a few well-placed, innovative and sustainable style partners can refresh your look. A new sense of understatement is the watchword here – atmospheric dark orange, delicate red brick shades and hints of rust meet the eye. The harmony of colours is refined and unobtrusive; the architectural and industrial references are clear. We admire this pioneering example of harmonising an elegant appearance with environmentally friendly materials. There are many lovely new examples here of this trend philosophy!


A clear understatement

When it comes to product design, style means experience and character. The Ambiente 2020 ‘precise + architectural’ trend world creates a dialogue that takes its cue from rather unusual sources. Architecturally inspired colour ranges and industrial materials such as steel, terrazzo and polished or blackened wood define the new approach. Matt and slightly shimmering surfaces reflect knowingly back at us: their strong aesthetic references pleasant experiences from the past. The threads which literally run through this look, leaving a wintry impression, are structural fabrics like bouclé and tweed. Top-quality throws are used to add colour accents all year round. Steel is employed in minimalist lighting solutions, to striking effect. A matt black ceiling light radiates timeless beauty from its almost-raw state; its extended, U-shaped lampshade shows refined understatement, having been by turns milled, sawn, welded and carefully brushed by hand.

Right top: Lamp by Serax // Right bottom: Glasses by Dibbern / Plaid by Silkeborg Uldspinderi
Note pads by Kartotek Copenhagen / Notebooks and storage boxes by Bigso

This fine craft work will survive long into the future. Here is an interior environment whose precisely ordered design could easily be applied to create a stylish home office. The key basics here are super-sleek suspension files and storage boxes made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, plus quality stationery in muted tones.

Plaid (aubergine) by LinenMe / Wok pans by Fujita Metal / Plates by Costa Nova / Carafe and glasses by LSA / Cutlery by Uccellino and Serax / Glass bowl by Stelton / Napkins and tablecloth by LinenMe /
Lamp by Serax
Chair by Broste Copenhagen / Pillow by Elvang

Matters of taste

The ‘precise + architectural’ trend features numerous designs that play with the look of old, faithful leather and metal surfaces. One such example are these refined, dark ethnic leather-look plates. Alongside the plates, an aluminium and stainless steel drinks bottle makes an industrial statement with its matt anodised appearance.

Bottle by Troika / Vase by Marie-Annick Le Blanc Ceramics
Plates by Luzerne / Cutlery by Zikico / Glass by Kisen / Wine glass by LSA / Napkin by LinenMe
Lantern by Ro Collection / Candlestand by Broste Copenhagen / Teapot by Mono

This all contrasts starkly with the islands of plastic bottles currently floating as waste in our oceans. The overarching themes here are thoughtful reminiscences and timeless values. Perfectly finished wooden chopping boards fit the look, as do heavy, pared-down woks and pour-over coffee filters, which collect the brew in a vase-like glass container and turn this simple ritual into a spectacle. When it comes to cleaning, this trend world can still draw on design classics – especially natural cleaning products and knitted or crocheted dishcloths and cleaning cloths like our grandmothers used to use. The difference is that today’s helpers are fairly traded and environmentally friendly – and the bottles of cleaning fluid aren’t too garish to display. They can all now stand proudly on kitchen and bathroom shelves.

Coffee maker by Melitta
Wooden boards by T & G Woodware / Plaid by Elvang /
Baking glove by Humdakin

Lifestyle upgrade

It’s simply so relaxing to close the door on the world and enjoy the silence after a long day. The bathroom is no longer just a functional room, but a space for retreat and relaxation. It might centre on a freestanding bathtub for the deepest relaxation, with fluffy bath towels and soft rugs in shades of grey arranged around it. These meet our basic need for a cosy, safe feeling of well-being. This very tactile quality is intrinsic to the 2020 key trend ‘precise + architectural’. It’s easy to perform a style update using subtle, beautiful items such as vases with varying flower arrangements or understated trays. Favourite, sustainable cosmetics can also add a natural touch. A solid wooden stool sends a strong message of calm, with an almost archaic personality emanating from its exposure to naked flame. A centuries-old Japanese wood conservation technique gives a carbonised surface to the wood, which creates a different look each time. Spilled liquids simply run off, making this charming unique piece very robust. Just place the on-trend accessories within clearly structured, pared-down spaces anywhere in the house and voilà: truly elegant new areas with a reassuringly old-fashioned atmosphere. Encore!

Left top: Stool by Uccellino / Vases and tray by Philippi / Soap by Uashmama / Towels by F & H of Scandinavia // Left top: Towels by F & H of Scandinavia, LinenMe and The Organic Company / Cosmetic products by Humdakin / Body lotion by Uashmama / Mirror by F & H of Scandinavia / Bottle cooler by Hukka Design / Glass vase by Zwiesel // Right: Bench by Broste Copenhagen / Vase by Uccellino / Plaids by Allpa Peru and Elvang / Étagère by Philippi