The new cosiness – time to snuggle.

Home is best, especially if you’ve made yours all cosy. A couple of fleecy covers on the sofa, a tartan rug on your favourite chair, soft cushions and throws on the bed, and you’re ready to snuggle down. At Ambiente, we gathered ideas about creating your own cosy cocoon with soft furnishings and accessories.Linus from Peanuts knows that there’s nothing that comforts you quite like a blanket! They’re great – no matter whether you want to be alone, with a special someone or even with the whole family, whether you want to keep warm, or whether you want to create an instant new-look interior using colours and patterns. Decorative blankets, rugs, throws and more are ideal when accessorising your home for that feel-good factor.

Anything goes
The wide array of options we uncovered at Ambiente means there really is something for every taste and every style. We found rustic wool, felt and linen in natural hues, deep colours, prints and patterns; we also found real and synthetic furs, opulent silks, satins and velvets – anything goes if it makes you feel good.


Fab fabrics
A check bedspread makes your bed an inviting place to rest, with a hint of Scandinavian chic. Pillows with fashionable graphic prints add a young, modern note. And tartan rugs or cushion covers in fleece or chunky knits make your bedroom or living room as cosy as an Alpine chalet.

Versatile textiles
The great thing about decorating with textiles is that you can completely reinvent rooms again and again with just a few simple touches. Perhaps springtime makes you yearn for flowers and ethnic prints, while your autumn style is cleaner and more modern? No problem, you can also mix, match and mash up styles to your heart’s content. Just add soft furnishings rather than redecorating.


Natural fashionable fur
As we said, anything goes. But of course we did see some textile trends at Ambiente: fur and fleece are in, with an array of real and fake furs in natural and bright colours, as well as covers for anything from cushions to king-size beds. They set the tone in any interior, be it minimalist or playful. They can be combined with any other material – from leather to satin. They can be used to create an opulent or eye-catching look and radiate their own natural charm.


Wool works well
Natural beauty also emanated from the knitted blankets and cushions that were in fashion focus at Ambiente. Fine knitwear looks elegant, refined and delicate even in spring and summer. Thicker knits and striking knitted patterns in loud colours, nude or earthy tones foretell of a cosy autumn and winter curled up with a good book or film. Woollen rugs, cushions and bedcovers are really versatile, can form part of a wide variety of looks and combine ideally with other textiles and materials.


A little bit more?
Last but not least comes a trend for decorating with cosy materials. The exhibitors at Ambiente displayed an increasing tendency to plunder the textile treasure chest of ideas. What that means in practice is more cushions, covers and rugs: on sofas, chairs and beds – it’s the latest look. Something you used to see only in hotels is increasingly entering the domestic domain. It’s now in vogue to style our bedrooms with lots of cushions – whether they vary in size, shape, colour and material or match perfectly. The same goes for upholstered furniture and even chairs, where cushions and throws invite you to have a cosy little sit down. Rugs and throws are no longer used on their own, but come draped over one another, tied together, laid neatly or rumpled up. This is a trend that’s almost caught up with the fashionistas! In any case, it’s a style that both looks and feels good: so cosy.