A guest blog by Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich, Schoenhaesslich
For the third year in a row, the bloggers from Schoenhaesslich visited the Giving area at Ambiente. They’re always on the lookout for new ... weiterlesen
Guest blog by Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich, Schoenhaesslich.de
What’s happening on the shop front? What’s next? Is Shopping 3.0 on the horizon? The bloggers from Schoenhaesslich (literally: beautiful/ugly) look for answers to ... weiterlesen
typography-teaser -Tester
Guest blog by Valerie Schöneich, designsetter
There are so many styles to inspire our spaces. Interior stylist, designer, writer and founder of designsetter.de Valerie Schöneich talks about what ambience means ... weiterlesen
Guest blog by Frank Teuber of Pflanzenfreude.de
There are no limits to the imagination you can use in interior design. You might like striking colours on the walls, luxurious feature wallpapers, ... weiterlesen