Keep it simple! White & grey beauties.

White and grey definitely aren’t as colourless as you might think. Interior designers play with fine nuances and different structures and textures to create an elegant look that fits perfectly with nearly all trend themes.

House Doctor-Kähler-Iittala-No Colour-white-grey concrete-01

  • 1  Carpet by House Doctor
  • 2  Designer hook by Kähler
  • 3  Bank by House Doctor
  • 4  Basket by House Doctor
  • 5  Lamp by House Doctor
  • 6  Candlestick by Iittala

White goes with anything
The absence of colour is anything but boring. White furniture and accessories brighten up any room and give a positive feel. The latest interior trends pick up perfectly on our weakness for white – naturalness is key in this desire for lightness and harmony. Our eye wants a gentle flow of white for the cosy summer home. We like vases that don’t steal the show from a colourful bouquet of flowers but let their beauty shine through. Tone-on-tone glazes in matt and gloss finishes are often seen these days. White and black combinations are a major theme. It would be no exaggeration to say that this classic mix has a lot of pep.

Iittala-Rosenthal-Applicata-Sambonet-No Colour-white-grey concrete-02

  • 1  Pillowcase by Iittala
  • 2  Serviette by Iittala
  • 3  Vase by Rosenthal
  • 4  Wall Clock by Applicata
  • 5  Table by Applicata
  • 6  Serving bowl by Sambonet

Grey concrete is green!
We were initially sceptical: concrete! Hardly had these new grey tones hit the headlines than product designers started cosying up to the stark building element. This on-trend material comes over as surprisingly homely – pure, clear lines take away its heavy look. Concrete combines well with extremely thin glass. These elegant grey elements integrate harmoniously into our homes as hanging lamps, wall clocks bowls or candleholders. The characteristic air holes make them almost unique design items. A further plus point for concrete are its green environmental credentials. As it consists primarily of sand or gravel, it recycles well.

Thomas-Kähler-Eva Solo-No Colour-white-grey concrete-03

  • 1  Crockery by Thomas
  • 2  Vase by Kähler
  • 3  Teapot by Eva Solo
  • 4  Butter dish by Kähler
  • 5  Etagere by Thomas
  • 6  Box of chocolates by Kähler

Clear lines
The white and countless near-natural grey tones give complete design freedom. Nothing obtrudes. Calmness and harmony are restored. We are into non-colours that allow spaces to breathe deeply and are more modern than ever. We like to spice them up a bit with light-coloured wood and attractive, on-trend natural wicker baskets. With the addition of a few colours, objects can tell new stories throughout the year. Here we are thinking particularly of slate-grey cushions made from high-quality summertime linen or snow-white objects from the best design workshops. Anyone who prefers fine tones over loud designs, will find just what they want in the colour families of white and grey.