From tradition to modernity.

In a world that’s constantly getting faster, we like to seek out an oasis of calm. This place has to be pure, simple and timeless. We want somewhere unfussy kitted out with valuable, hand-crafted items that are close to our hearts. Of the four main future trends identified at Ambiente, the ‘Modest Regenerations’ style world really hits that spot. This is where tried-and-tested designs are transformed for a brighter future.

Terrazzo & Vintage Tiles

Rough-hewn stone floors, cast-iron tools and sparks flying through the air. We associate these images with old forges and workshops that produced items of enduring beauty. Interior design often favours this down-to-earth feel, partly due to its simplicity. It’s a look you can further refine by exploiting the aesthetic potential of surfaces made from familiar materials. Take the current favourite: terrazzo – a polished composite stone product which evokes a pleasantly cool sensation. Cast iron and concrete bring their sheer weight to bear, adding rough-and-ready charm to interior spaces. The new concrete tiles, inspired by 19th-century pavements, add a vintage, picture-book feel to outdoor areas.

Tea set from Serax, tray from Blomus
Floor tiles from Via
Wire basket from Korbo
Dishes from Serax, tray from Blomus

My home is my office

We might be in a meeting, but we’re also at home. Thanks to the internet, the home office is more popular than ever. Such areas really benefit from a few personalised office essentials. There needs to be a distinct sense of origin: perhaps a well-made writing implement, or a notebook made from soft, traditionally-tanned leather. The desk is an urban workbench which will need to be increasingly mobile and flexible in future, according to the latest studies. Just when you have a place for everything, and everything in its place, it’s time for another change. With flexible legs to adjust the desktop height, like with a construction kit, those changes needn’t take long. The steel legs may be brand new, but they have an added patina reminiscent of a well-worn workbench, giving the whole desk a homely, solid feel.

Table legs from Peppermint Products, cup and carafe from Uccellino
Office accessories from Mark's Japan, Umbra
Office accessories from Roadtyping, Keecie, Fabriano Boutique

Timeless yet contemporary

Old and new are not mutually exclusive, as this trend demonstrates by revamping familiar items. Classic board games or pepper grinders emerge fresh from this reworking as if newly forged – from heavy black cast aluminium. They bring a sense of quality and value, with one eye on the future. For another fine example, take these audio devices resembling rock-and-roll-era radiograms, but built with Bluetooth and the latest in high-tech sound quality. Pop a vase on top, and our quality items become very liveable pieces of furniture. This style world encompasses earthy hues which conjure up a timeless atmosphere and evoke memories of terracotta tiles, gently rusting steel and freshly-laundered white linen. Dark turquoise and mauve shades help spread a robust optimism.

Board game from Aarikka
Spice grinder from Alessi, nutcracker from Lyfe
Radiogram from TAD Audiovertrieb, bag from Fabriano Boutique
Scented candle, box and vase from Blomus, plaid from Cevelann
Card holder from Keecie, blanket from Eagle Products
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427 C, 13-4303 TCX
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2222 C, 17-4724 TPG
729 C, 17-1134 TCX
412 C, 19-1018 TCX

Ideas from above

Sometimes clever design ideas appear to be literally heaven-sent: that’s what we thought about these ‘gravity candles’. If it starts to rain on your summer parade, simply turn the holder upside down and the candle will stay dry until next time you’re out on the terrace. Many makers are currently concentrating on rethinks of tried and tested models. This is certainly true of these original steel hangers for house plants, which look good wherever they’re displayed. With all these innovations incorporating elements of our past cottage industries, we’re sure that we can create a constant feeling of wellbeing amid all the change – even in today’s ever-more interconnected world.

Lantern from Höfats
Lamp from Serax
Wood carrier from Gedigo
Rack from XLBoom, plaid from Cevelann
Lamp from Serax, corkscrew and postcards from Moritz Wenz, case from Sonnen-Leder, milk churn von Pillivuyt, mezzaluna from Ono Kanamono Onocci, magazine hanger from Gedigo