Glorious home stars.

With the Tasteful Residence key trend, the stage is set for contemporary interior opulence. Clean lines and sophisticated surfaces with sensory colour stories play a key role and add visual interest. Discover masterly design and elegant eyecatchers that spread this success story far and wide.

Setting the tone

There’s good news for ceramics fans. Tableware with a handmade charm will remain an important accessory at top tables and in the latest restaurants. Behind the new down-to-earth, hand-crafted look, now strongly in evidence from Asia porcelain and ceramics manufacturers, lies the inherent value in a one-off item. Many such pieces are on display in the Tasteful Residence trend world.

Mugs by Wajimanuri Studio Raku / Densan
Mugs by Kisen by Yotsukawa Seisaksho
Companion set by Eldvarm

Unique, surprising and subtle items have been assembled in a treasure trove of everyday objects. This is art as applied to modern life. After all, in today’s rather distant urban existence, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by their own choice of inviting, life-affirming objects? This trend showcases items that provide maximum comfort and convenience. Even solid objects such as sets of fireplace accessories and fire bowls can embody an attitude. Both have been produced locally, from recycled materials.

New ideas from the glass house

Coloured glass and polished surfaces are really experiencing a revival. Glasses, glass bottles and the geometry of crystal bring an unusual depth and intensity of colour. Delicate dragonfly green, dark green reminiscent of traditional forest glassworks, royal purple combined with gold, and light earthy hues each tell a story – one full of character and history.

Glasses by Riedel, Toyo-Sasaki and Zwiesel // Bar set by Robert Welch

They all provide charming colour for your home bar or drinks cabinet. If during the glassmaking process the producer deliberately relinquishes control, glass melting freely can form wonderful sculptural objects, fine shimmering containers as if the heat of the summer sun had scorched their very shape. Even coloured glass ceiling lights find a place in this trend universe. It’s striking how wide the range is – from pared-down shining stars to eye-catching designs with many semi-precious stone surfaces.

Glass tin by Reflections Copenhagen
Bowl and side tables by Zieher
Ceiling lamp by Serax
Vase by Jihye Kang

Treasures with a tale to tell

What do necklaces and pendants have in common with kitchen knives and cutlery? At first glance, not a lot. Yet this key trend is like a family tree with many branches. Designers and craftspeople have researched both material and form intensively, and it shows. Witness the very fine earrings and other pieces that look like archaeological finds. Highly romantic necklaces made from paper flowers also emerge.

Jewellery by Zenza
Necklace by Based on Roots
Knives by Cangshan Cutlery, Kai Corporation and Nesmuk // Cutlery by Verdier Manufacture // Cutting board by knIndustrie
Kettle by Alessi

Mystical quotations feature here too, alongside the durable, handmade knives that demonstrate an understanding of the archetypal shape which has a 3,500 year history. One fine kitchen highlight is the electric kettle in undercover black, which references a pleated look long familiar from the fashion world. Black and gold speak a very sensory language in this trend world.

Cutlery by Satomi Suzuki Tokyo // Plate by Uccellino
Vases by F&H and Kisen by Yotsukawa Seisaksho // Thermos by Stelton // Glasses by Toyo-Sasaki and Wik & Walsøe

Orange is the new glam

Can glam be cosy? Of course it can, as this trend world proves only too well. The all-important recipe is a sensitive mix of craft tradition and modern design, pragmatism and poetry. Experimental patterns normally seen on haute-couture pullovers spread their colour onto cushions and rugs, a mixture of shiny viscose and merino wool making a stimulating combination which is lovely to touch. Luscious flowers against a dark background are a must-have on upholstery.

Pillows by
Pouf by KARE Design

Dark orange and powder pink send emotive signals in textile form. The cultivated cosiness is expanded with an interior dimension provided by fragrant candles and new-fangled room fragrance diffusers, which use leaves made of sustainably grown mahogany in place of incense sticks. Each of these products has been chosen and staged carefully; Tasteful Residence means artful favourites not arbitrary choices, making an interior into a quality collage of your own making.

Diffusor und candles by Alessi
Glass vase by IVV-Industria Vetraria Valdarnese // Scarfs by Elvang Denmark // Mug and coaster by Kinto // Woolen throws by Silkeborg Uldspinderi // Can by knIndustrie // Loudspeaker by TAD Audiovertrieb // Tealight holder by Reflections Copenhagen