Functional simplicity – essentials in its purest form.

This trend puts it straight! Pure and unfussy, with a focus on function, material and process. Functional Simplicity means designing the basics, perfectly.


Less is more
The main idea behind Functional Simplicity is to put product quality firmly in the foreground. High-quality materials and expert processing ensure that products function perfectly and are built to last. The colour palette also fits the bill. It’s almost exclusively monochrome, with neutral whites, greys and beiges of different shades, and even a simple black and dark blue. Items may be transparent, high-gloss or matt, but they’re always refined in appearance. Functionalism and purism make for an everyday, timeless, unisex look.


Materials for life
Functional Simplicity ensures performance and durability by using high-grade items such as glass, stainless steel, marble and concrete, as well as innovative materials and textiles. These designs embody an unhurried, honest clean chic and will clearly make today’s pieces into tomorrow’s classics.


Sensual perfection
More than any other, this trend embodies the principle that ‘form follows function’ – and there are many examples, particularly in the kitchen. The latest equipment, gadgets and utensils underline the major role played by workmanship, be it using traditional production methods or new techniques. Yet the attractiveness of this design world is not restricted to its utility. After all, enamel pans, cast-iron skillets and chrome food processors are decorative as well as practical. Indeed, many interior accessories and home decor items follow this minimalist design trend, which focuses on the essential. Functional Simplicity raises everyday products up to must-have status symbols, and shows just how sensual perfection can be.