No socks, please! Cool gifts for kids.

Socks are fine by the chimney, but please don’t put them under the Christmas tree. Children’s eyes should light up with joy at this time of year. If you start looking for presents well in advance of the big day, you stand more chance of seeing smiles, not sad faces.

Everybody’s got one – a relative who thoughtfully gives itchy jumpers, socks and sloppy kisses on the cheek at Christmas. The real art of giving lies elsewhere. And if you fear you might become that relative yourself, remembered forever for unloved and unlovely gifts, you’d better start reflecting on individual and unusual ideas for presents. We’ll gladly provide a few suggestions to get you started.

Nature, naturally
The good old rocking horse is the classic Christmas present, as featured on cards, in songs and poems, and even as tree decorations. This horse is a quality gift, made of solid wood, and over the years several generations of children can rock on it and think back with fondness on the giver. Natural materials are in great demand when it comes to presents for the very young. Or, if the kids in your life wouldn’t appreciate a rocking horse, how about an I-Woody from Donkey Products? It’s a wooden smartphone you can write on with chalk, again and again. Best start practising early when it comes to digital technology! If you pick a really beautiful item, like the retro desk designed by Sebastiaan Eerhart, then even mum and dad might sit here with their laptops sometimes.

You can see twelve products from different manufacturers. Above left is a rocking horse by Kay Bojesen. Next to it is a tray and plate from Doiy. A children's carpet from Bloomingville is visible below. Next to it is a size ruler from Design Letters. Below is a gray pillow from Sebra. On the left you can see a wooden toy in the form of a smartphone from Donkey Products. Below is a bib in fox look by Julica Design. You can also see bed linen from eatsleepdoodle. Below is a storage box from Room Copenhagen. Below is a desk by Dutch Deluxes. On the right you can see hangers from Muskhane and alongside Spitzer from Monkey Business.

  • 1  Rocking horse from Kay Bojesen
  • 2  Tray and plate from Doiy
  • 3  Kids’ rug from Bloomingville
  • 4  Height chart from Design Letters
  • 5  Cushion from Sebra
  • 6  Wooden toy from Donkey Products
  • 7  Bib from Julica Design
  • 8  Bed linen from eatsleepdoodle
  • 9  Storage box from Room Copenhagen
  • 10  Desk from Dutch Deluxes
  • 11  Decoration from Muskhane
  • 12  Pencil sharpener from Monkey Business

Useful and playful
If you want to make a hit with both parents and children, or add a bit of learning into the mix, why not combine the practical with the playful? But really, bed linen as a gift? But what if you can draw on it, though, like this fun pillowcase from eatsleepdoodle. Perhaps that’ll save the sitting room wall from scribbles: as we all know, anything you’re not allowed to draw on gains an almost irresistible fascination. This cute cotton crocodile cushion is a suitable cot bumper for babies, but also a cuddly playmate and comforter for older children – it’s definitely a product with a long lifespan. With the wild tiger plate and tray by Doiy, there’s no guarantee that broccoli or sprouts will taste any better, but it might just make eating more fun and feeding time a less stressful occasion for all involved.

Practical and poptastic
Younger children want fun, while teenagers are after the cool factor. To succeed in meeting these demands, your practical presents under the Christmas tree had better also be poptastic – and look fantastic. Perhaps a pinboard shaped like a skateboard, a comic art table tennis bat or a Darth Vader container? Make sure they’re anything but boring. Girls will just love the mobile phone case on a chain from O.Jacky, which keeps their smartphone always close at hand. And these sweet reindeer earrings are a Christmas must-have. Or perhaps a paper globe by Palomar: put it together yourself and impress your friends by placing little pins to show the places you’ve been. If that doesn’t have the cool factor …

You can see twelve products from different manufacturers. At the top left of the picture is a wristwatch from I Like Paper. The picture above shows sunglasses by Papier Tigre. Below is a table tennis racket from Donkey Products. A mobile phone case from O.Jacky is also shown. In the middle of the picture is a black container from Room Copenhagen. Next to it is a wall clock by Progetti. To the right is a table lamp by And Bros and a backpack by Loqi. Below is a paper globe from Palomar to the left and below it earrings in the form of elk by Lene Lundberg. Next to it is a cell phone night light from Peleg Design and a pin board from Doiy.

  • 13  Watch from I Like Paper
  • 14  Sunglasses from Papier Tigre
  • 15  Table tennis bat from Donkey Products
  • 16  Mobile phone bag from O.Jacky
  • 17  Container from Room Copenhagen
  • 18  Clock from Progetti
  • 19  Table lamp by And Bros
  • 20  Backpack from Loqi
  • 21  Paper globe from Palomar
  • 22  Earrings from Lene Lundberg
  • 23  Mobile phone night light from Peleg Design
  • 24  Pinboard from Doiy

Special times
The watch by I Like Paper and clock by Progetti also combine the practical with the aesthetic. What’s really amazing is that both are made of cardboard. The unisex wristwatch is water-repellent and truly charming, with an illustration by artist Martha van Maydell. The wall-mounted timepiece is attractive in its shape and its occupant, a small cuckoo peeping through the opening at the top. It’s very clever, too – when the light’s out, the bird won’t sing. On the subject of light, the And Bros desk lamp is truly eye-catching and also made of cardboard – naturally!