A guest blog by Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich, Schoenhaesslich
For the third year in a row, the bloggers from Schoenhaesslich visited the Giving area at Ambiente. They’re always on the lookout for new ... weiterlesen
Guest blog by Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich, Schoenhaesslich.de
What’s happening on the shop front? What’s next? Is Shopping 3.0 on the horizon? The bloggers from Schoenhaesslich (literally: beautiful/ugly) look for answers to ... weiterlesen
Creativity knows no bounds in the Giving halls at Ambiente
Small-scale manufacturers, craftsmen and women, artists and designers transform the Giving halls into designer platforms that offer a thrilling mix of products. Here are ... weiterlesen
In the words of Goethe, Frankfurt’s most famous son: ‘If you to drink are pressed, only drink of wine the best’. He obviously appreciated ... weiterlesen