Ambiente Trends 2021 – related to nature.

For many of us, the creation of a mindful home is becoming increasingly important. But how do we bring the experience of nature into our own everyday lives? The ‘continual. related to nature’ trend provides the necessary inspiration – with greater attention to detail, carefully selected materials and authentic products that whet our appetites for natural living. Explore with us the Ambiente Trends 2021 – related to nature.


Mindful and thoughtful home

Ambiente Trends 2021 – related to nature translates the experience of nature into the home environment whose rhythm beats more slowly and thoughtfully, thereby slowing down and enhancing the everyday lives of the occupants. “This design theme feels completely natural,” explains Annetta Palmisano from stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. “The colours and the alternative – often sustainably produced – materials literally bring natural spaces to life.” We carefully curate what we allow to move in with us. We pay more detailed attention to the little things. And we enjoy life as we encounter it. We opt for authenticity rather than high-gloss design.


The exhibitors at Ambiente reveal in detail what a mindful home can look like. Danish manufacturer Elvang, for instance, takes the sustainability principle to heart, producing its cushions from recycled alpaca and sheep’s wool. And the vases in the Home Structure series by Formgatan are made from 100% recycled glass. Less is more in the case of the Metropolitan Chair by designer David Krynauw who uses just two materials to turn the chair for Ekta Handvaerk into a new classic. Hand-finished oak and a leather seat give the piece of furniture almost sculptural qualities.

1 Vicara fruit bowl / 2 Vase by Formgatan via Home Structures / 3 Elvang cushion / 4 Chair by Ekta Handvaerk via Piffany / 5 Arfai vases

Natural green living with the trend colours 2021

The colours in the continual. related to nature trend radiate a sense of naturalness. They ground us and convey a connection with the world around us. Related to nature awakens an organic experience of nature in all its diversity, and its palette ranges from a strong moss tone through brown and grey to natural shades of green. Desaturated tones such as blue and lavender fit well here, providing a calm and harmonious backdrop to the strong trend colours 2021. “The home is literally becoming greener,” states Claudia Herke from stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, who is charge of Ambiente Trends 2021.

What natural living feels like: the material trends 2021

The influence of nature is evident in every single fibre and in every single structure of this theme – you only have to take a look at the material trends 2021 to realise this. In some cases, the elements reveal their particularly wild side and leave clearly visible traces in the material. Coarse fabrics, artistically glazed finishes and deliberately imperfect surfaces are examples of this approach, which, despite its rough appearance, is perfectly and expertly crafted.

Villa Collection

In other cases, the theme is more austere and unadorned – take, for example, the immaculately smooth birch wood surfaces of the Taimi plant tray table by Verso Design. Newly developed, organic materials create sustainability through innovation, use no toxic substances and can easily be reused if necessary.

Verso Design

Ambiente exhibitors are also providing exciting ideas for the new natural living trend – for example, the bowls and vases from the new Ora collection by Stelton, which are seriously impressive with their naturally beautiful, almost organic shapes and perfect, matt-powder finishes. And the Casolare and Colletto collections from glass manufacturer Leonardo show how well teardrop-shaped glass and grained wood go together.

Present Time

Among the 2021 material trends, however, there are also those that are deliberately timeless in nature, and that celebrate or even rediscover old craft techniques. Prime examples of this are the jug and plate by Portuguese design studio Bisarro Ceramics, which are fired pitch-black in a hole in the earth according to the traditional local soenga technique. Brazilian manufacturer Ceraflame has used the power of the elements for over sixty years: Fire plays an important role in the creation of their high-quality, attractively designed kettles, milk pots and cooking and baking dishes which are extremely heat-resistant and robust.

1 Ceraflame coffee pot and kettle / 2 Simple Lab glass tea infuser / 3 Plate and jug by Bisarro

Natural green living: inside and outside

With the Ambiente Trends 2021 – related to nature, we are bringing the experience of the natural world into our own homes. But this lifestyle theme also works in the opposite direction – the desire for green spaces is meant literally and the focus of our lives is now extending outdoors. The terrace, balcony and garden as well as public parks, meadows and forests are gaining in importance as additional living spaces. Wherever there is somewhere to enjoy the fresh air, that’s where we want to be.

Riviera Maison

Natural green living is possible with a range of outstanding products that entice us outside – and others that form the transition from indoors to outdoors, like the Strå doormats by Heymat made from 100% recycled plastic. Designer Kristine Five Melvær based her striking design on a summer wind blowing through tall grass. Brooms and dustpans by Andrée Jardin, which are specifically designed for outdoor use, ensure that patio floors and balcony tiles are swept clean. For those of us who want to attract native songbirds, the birdhouses from EcoFurn are the perfect choice. The manufacturer playfully describes its product as “timeless architecture” for both city and country birds.

1 Doormats by Heymat / 2 EcoFurn birdhouse / 3 Broom and dustpan by Andrée Jardin

Nakamoto Forestry shows that sometimes all you need is to present first-class materials in their natural beauty: This family business from the Japanese city of Hiroshima uses charred cedar wood as an impressive contrast to the honey-warm brown of a wooden terrace.

Nakamoto Forestry
3D Cork

But natural green living doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a big garden or balcony. You can grow herbs and vegetables even without a green thumb thanks to the planting systems from Botanium, which also work well indoors. The products not only have a beautifully minimalist design, but also come with sophisticated technology. This soil-free system with automatic watering will soon have chili peppers, basil or tomatoes from your own ‘mini-garden’ on the menu.


& more: tableware and kitchen accessories authentically presented

Real-life aesthetics are the key to the continual. related to nature trend. It’s not just the materials that are as natural as possible: “The way interior design is presented has also changed,” explains Annetta Palmisano of stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. “These days we don’t just show what it looks like in our homes, we also tell a story. Kitchen gadgets are shown in action, home accessories are presented with people like you and me.” After all, a home only comes alive thanks to the people who live there.

Costa Nova
1 Kahla snackit-bowl / 2 Lunch bowl by Black + Blum

In other areas, too, there is a desire for naturalness. Particularly attractive tableware and kitchen accessories do not have to hide away in the cupboard, but can now take up residence on the table – take, for example, the olive wood boards by Van Verre, which offer a presentation platform for your favourite dishes as well as desserts or appetisers. Manufactured in small workshops in Tunisia, these wooden products are essentially shaped by nature. Each board is unique.

Van Verre
Klatt Objects

The Lush Forest tableware series by Porcel is inspired by the natural world: With its deep blue and dark green glazes, the collection evokes images of a refreshing, soothing walk in the forest.