Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home.

Materials and decor which simply ooze well-being. Colours to daydream about and special treats you can square with your conscience. ‘Emotional. love of home’ focuses on the house as our home. It’s a celebration of cosy habitats: big on pleasure and well-being. This is where our feelings play an elementary role. We show what this new interior theme is all about. So it’s curtain up for Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home.


Added emotional value: Designing the feel-good home

In uncertain times like these, we focus on our homes. More than ever, interiors must meet both functional and emotional needs. In other words, our feelings are more fundamental. ‘Emotional. love of home’, one of three Ambiente Trends 2021, provides us with a sense of harmony and security. The overall cosiness still leaves room for pleasure and personal preferences. Annetta Palmisano from stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano explains the challenge: “This theme means a double decluttering. Firstly removing things that seem superfluous. But also things that appear too cold. It’s very important to recognise that homing in on what’s essential needn’t mean going without. Instead it means picking out and celebrating what’s special and unusual in our own homes.”

100percent Japan

Ambiente exhibitors provide inspiration for translating this added emotional value into a real feel-good home. Take for instance this purist reimagining of the traditional storm glass. The Tempo Drop is an unusual object made by 100percent Japan; as in Jules Verne’s century-old novel ‘20,000 Leagues under the Sea’ it is said to predict changes in the weather. Storm glasses hold a mixture containing water, camphor and ethanol which changes its state of crystallisation depending on the climate. It looks like magic, but it’s actually pure physics! Another great fit for the Emotional. love of home trend is the Landon Record Player Bench by Crosley Radio. In small spaces, it makes room for big feelings, for moments that make time stand still awhile. A portable record player is perfect here – reminiscent of an era when music was enjoyed consciously, not just consumed alongside everything else.

Crosley Radio
1 Muurla decoration ball / 2 Keecie glasses case / 3 Chair by Hübsch / 4 Cloakroom mirror with shelf by YOUMEAND / 5 Carpet by Tranquillo

Nostalgic trend colours 2021

Claudia Herke from stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano told us “A clear structure is key to a home which exudes well-being without coming across as ‘stuffy’. That’s reflected in the colours. love of home likes warm vintage shades while clear, fresh accents create much-needed contour.” Colours like peach, blush, washed-out forget-me-not blue, nude and nectar yellow embody the Ambiente Trend 2021 – love of home and lend your living areas a comforting, intimate atmosphere. Isn’t this dreamy colour palette reminiscent of a bright summer meadow bathed in full golden sunlight? Added to trend colours 2021 are nostalgic accents in radiant white, dark liquorice and mint to bring freshness, clarity and structure.

Rosenthal’s new special collection shows how well nostalgic colours suit 2021 and the Ambiente Trend ‘Emotional. love of home’. This porcelain manufacturer shook up the sector 60 years ago with vases that looked desirably different. Bearing the name Sixty & Twelve, 60 avant-garde designs from the well-known ‘studio line’ have now been relaunched in 12 different colours. This journey six decades back in time is proving very popular: some of the reissued classics have already sold out.

Vases by Rosenthal

Straightforward but sophisticated – the love of home material trends

As with the colours, so with the materials for Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home. The look is cosy and endearing – simply suitable for the setting. Floral decorations and romantic motifs offer an invitation to dream in the here and now.

1 Print by The Dybdahl Co. / 2 Södahl bed linen
1 Ary Home tray / 2 Confectioneries by Kamehikoworks / 3 Cups by Anna Sykora

Why not add some fun to escape from the space-time continuum? Kahla’s tea service spreads magical spring petals over indoor coffee tables. Kamehikoworks also invites us to use our imagination. Designer Norihiko Kamei creates enchanting objects such as fragrant, blossoming stones or space-age Japanese Sweets designed to remind us of a landscape in miniature.

Straightforward but sophisticated is how materials and surfaces add to this lifestyle theme. Ambiente exhibitors illustrate the latest material trends. MagicLinen and Giardino Segreto have created cushions and throws with ruffled trims.

Giardino Segreto

Hamburg interior designers Mossapour have given their glass vase an iridescent surface like mother of pearl. Iittala’s famous Ultima Thule collection also resonates with Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home. These design classics will bring a breath of fresh arctic air into any home. Design legend Tapio Wirkkala makes a splash with glasses reminiscent of ice and snow: they have an unusually structured surface and three protruding ice-spike feet.

1 Glass and carafe by Iittala / 2 Broste Copenhagen jug / 3 Mossapour vase

& more: Home fragrance and home office ideas

These days home isn’t just for a good night’s sleep or the odd movie night on the sofa. It’s also where we work on project costings in our home office, practise yoga with our online teacher, share dinner with the whole family and, possibly, celebrate a Japanese tea ceremony at a lovingly set table. The interior theme for Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home caters particularly to this need for an all-round ambience which combines emotional and functional support in a single location.

100percent Japan
1 Paperweight by Hübsch / 2 Nuuna notebook / 3 Tray by OYOY

And since so many of us have now got used to working from home, these home office ideas really help. Not only does My Writing Desk from Emko offer space to write and work with a small footprint, it also provides a stylish built-in shelf around the edge for documents, books and more. Colourful metal interior and office accessories can give working from home a playful, shapely structure. Important letters will always need our attention; Hübsch’s amber-coloured pyramid is primarily a paperweight, but doubles as a decorative item.

These lovely little touches – ones we can buy and ones we simply experience – complement our lifestyles. Our favourite room fragrance, with its selected essences, continually reminds us of where we are – at home. Home fragranceshome are already an established part of the extended interior and styling experience. Yet now our desire to experience ‘home’ with all five senses can be taken a step further. Uashmama offers a high-quality body oil for this: virgin olive oil fragranced with bergamot, another way to feel good within our own four walls.


And how about that Japanese tea ceremony? Now we can perform it properly! We’ll serve up specially selected teas from Kaneju Farm, brewed perfectly in a noble ceramic teapot by Stilleben Italy with its wood-clad steel handle. This is where Japanese perfection meets Italian-manufactured minimalism, gourmet taste meets first-class materials meets beautiful design.

Stilleben Italy
Kaneju Farm

Ambiente Trends 2021 – love of home has room for a variety of lifestyles. Whoever you are and wherever you live, Annetta Palmisano reminds us: “love of home can be taken literally. It’s about loving our own homes, places which give us that special feeling of well-being.”