New ideas and old favorites.
Cute and smart spring trends.

Wake up, spring has sprung! And what’s out there? At first glance, there are lots of old favourites – but hang on, don’t go back into hibernation just yet. A host of new ideas and unusual combinations are creating excitement and a breath of fresh air. Even the Easter bunny has his ears pinned back. We provide lots of examples.

A mix of contrasts

As we said, there are plenty of old favourites. White and a broad palette of pastel and metallic tones are again totally on-trend this spring. What’s new and different, though, is the striking combination with dark colours and black, which creates an exciting counterpoint. Why not use a black tablecloth or black fabric serviettes to skilfully set off the gentle tones of the tableware? A brilliant and contrasting mix that we see more and more often these days. “Pastel tones have been returning every spring in recent years,” says Helmut Schäfer, owner of the Reining & Werth gift shop-cum-coffee house in Frankfurt. “The new and really unconventional combination with dark grey or black requires some courage, but certainly makes an impression.”

Gentle tones meet strong colours:
tableware from Arzberg and cutlery from Sambonet on a dark tablecloth

The black candle from Eye Candle Studio also creates a stylish highlight. With its numerous details, this pleasantly scented wax rabbit is reminiscent of the works of Albrecht Dürer, and at a proud height of 25 cm it is a guaranteed eye-catcher. As a decorative object and motif, the rabbit has long been inextricably linked with Easter and continues to be a welcome four-legged harbinger of spring even after the holidays are over. And talking about Easter, why not send an Easter card instead of the annual Christmas mail? The cedarwood postcard from Formes Berlin is as original as it is timely. In addition to the unusual material, the small bunny is a clever feature that can simply be cut out and used as a decoration.

1 Bonbonniere from Lyngby Porcelain
2 Easter egg decoration from
Broste Copenhagen
3 Candle from Eye Candle Studio
4 Vase from Kähler
5 Poster from Vissevasse
6 Postcard from Formes Berlin
7 Serviettes from Linum
8 Bowl from Hey Sign
9 Mug from Villeroy & Boch

Every day a celebration

Our constant companion throughout the spring – the Easter bunny comes in all shapes and sizes and shows us that the trend is moving away from decorations that are purely for the holidays. Stylish home accessories should delight the viewer for several weeks, for instance these colourfully painted Easter eggs. “Excess and kitsch were yesterday,” explains Helmut Schäfer who sells handpicked products from small manufacturers. “Clear, restrained and plain designs now dominate.” Easter decorations are growing up and learning how to survive the spring. This is shown by the decorations from Leonardo, which skilfully combine all the key trends of the season from colour to shape. The combination of lustrous and matt surfaces is particularly attractive. It would be such a shame if these eyecatchers only came out on one weekend during the year, wouldn’t it? The guiding principle for decorations is: ‘Every day a celebration’.

The season’s trends: decorations from Leonardo

Decorations – thinking out of the box

Springtime designs are often playful – but a practical use is also welcome. For instance, the humidifier from I2M is a particularly smart and useful gadget. The long-eared Doctor Rabbit model not only looks really cute, it also enhances the room atmosphere. His colleague from Philippi on the other hand pops up as a handy door stopper. These rabbit-shaped helpers are practical additions to any household.

Having woken from its winter sleep, nature delivers a wealth of super materials to make decorations into genuine one-off items and to lend your home a certain sense of style. Between the glass sheets of the purist picture frame from Nordal, you can press flowers, blossoms or feathers as well as snapshots, which further enhances this enticingly pretty product. An example of a decoration idea that thinks outside the box. Feathers have become a fixed part of every spring decoration collection, whether as a motif on the eggcup from Bloomingville, or as a decorative element on the magnet from Räder. Make sure you keep your eyes open when going for a stroll in the sun or in the garden.

1 Feather magnet from Räder
2 Cushion from Pad Home
Design Concept
3 Door stopper from Philippi
4 Eggcup from Bloomingville
5 Hand cream from Wild & Wolf
6 Picture frame from Nordal
7 Humidifier from
Idea to Manufacturing (I2M)

Floral understatement

Although we enjoy the regeneration we see in nature in springtime, things are little bit more restrained when it comes to floral decorations in the home. Flower arrangements this year are again understated and delicate as can be seen in the Easter eggs from Royal Copenhagen.

There has been a move away from luxuriant bouquets to individual twigs, blossoms and stems, artistically but unostentatiously arranged as in ‘ikebana’, the Japanese art of flower arranging. Floral understatement is in. And this restrained style of floral decoration harmonises outstandingly well with the similarly understated decorations and home accessories of this spring. Danish interior brand ‘A Simple Mess’ has designed a vase which, thanks to its brass lid with numerous openings, allows individual stems and stalks to be arranged with consummate ease. The simple mess that is created makes a big impression.

Easter egg decorations from Royal Copenhagen
Less is more: vase from A Simple Mess

Spring lies in the detail

Details are important. This is equally true for home decorations and small personal accessories. And for a change it’s not the devil but the rabbit that lies in the detail. The fine porcelain cufflinks with rabbit head motifs from nach Bijoux are hand painted – a real fashion statement and the finishing touch for a stylish Easter (or anytime) outfit. The ring from Sweet Deluxe is another example of using an Easter rabbit to decorate a product. High-quality materials and unusual motifs are the combination out of which real eyecatchers are made. This is clearly demonstrated by the ballpoint pen from the Folklore Collection of Wild & Wolf and the small, prettily decorated box from Herend. And if that doesn’t get you in the mood for spring …

1 Ballpoint pen from Wild & Wolf
2 Easter egg decorations from
George Jensen
3 Rabbit piggy bank from Royal Doulton
4 Ring from Sweet Deluxe
5 Earrings from Meissen
6 Cufflinks from nach Bijoux
7 Box from Herend