Mamma mia! Mother’s Day de luxe.

Flowers, chocolates, perfume. These are the typical Mother’s Day gifts. Yet although a beautiful bouquet, a box of chocolates or a lovely scent may be appropriate, they’re not especially imaginative presents. After all, Mother’s Day is a symbolic date when we want to say thank you to the first lady in our lives. But how best to go about it? By showing your mother how special she is, and giving her a special something. At Ambiente we found a few original gifts to send the message: “You’re the best”. And not just on Mother’s Day

There’s an old Persian saying which rings very true: “God created mothers because he didn’t want to do everything on his own”. Mothers are the most important people we know, and not just because they bring children into the world. A mother’s love grows in many ways. There are plenty of examples to show that the warmth of a home comes from more than mere biological connections.

Being a mother is a job for life. It brings great joy, but also many worries and crises. When we’re small and helpless, we want to hold our mothers’ hands. But even as adults we can be sure our mums will always be there. We know no gift in the world can express how important this sense of security is to us. It’s food for thought, and not just on Mother’s Day. Yet there is this designated day when we thank our mothers. In most countries it’s the second Sunday in May, though the UK and Ireland get in early and celebrate Mothering Sunday three weeks before Easter. Luckily, the world of gifts and accessories offers far more than the obligatory bouquet, as we discovered at Ambiente.

We were on the lookout for objects that would make life lovelier. Presents that show you’ve put thought into them. How can you say to your mother you hope she’ll take time out for herself, take care of herself, kick back and relax? One way would be with a cosy item for the home: a soft eye mask, fine leather slippers with a fleece lining, a luxury neck support or a subtly scented candle. How about a good book, an excellent bottle of wine, a great CD or a few luxury cosmetics? Give the gift of quality time. It might go some way to making up for the worries you caused at school or when you had your heart broken – for the sleepless nights we’ve all caused our mothers.


We often tend to give our mothers practical gifts. But to be honest, if you present a grill pan on Mother’s Day, are you basically saying: “It’d be lovely if you cooked my favourite meal again?” There are ways of combining the practical and the beautiful, and they needn’t be complicated. Energetic mums who like gardening could really use a luxury-look gold garden hose; it’d be a handy help for your favourite gardener. Or we could give our mothers something out of the ordinary for the home, a reminder of their nearest and dearest. It would of course need to have a certain something: perhaps porcelain in the shape of a designer handbag or an elegant dish, bowl or tin as a sweet accessory for the bedside table or bathroom.


For mothers who rarely treat themselves, jewellery is a great gift idea. A pretty brooch or a sophisticated chain will show your mother how precious she is. And when she wears it, it will remind her of you. The same is true of more everyday items like toilet bags and leather purses: whenever she holds it in her hands, your mother will have a smile on her lips. Your mother is also sure to smile if you select a humorous gift for her, like a pair of high-gloss heels in bright red. At first glance this would seem an unlikely Mother’s Day present. On closer inspection, the shoes are porcelain and designed to store jewellery, so in fact they’re eminently suitable. After all, what’s not to like about high heels, even if you’re no longer quite the same age as the Sex and the City. And even a practical kitchen item needn’t be a no go if it raises a smile. If you choose to amuse your mum with a kitchen utensil, then make it practical and stylish. How about a roasting dish in the shape of a tomato, like the one we saw at Ambiente. Even the most reluctant cooks find it irresistible.


And finally, back to the flowers. Surely every mother loves flowers on Mother’s Day? Well how about including an evergreen element too, such as a beautiful vase? Something to help your mum display those lovely bouquets she’ll receive from her children in future. And not just once a year.