DAILY WRAP 2: Legends, Lands, Liveliness

Oh, what masterful decoration! There are countless ways to beautify even the most aesthetic of all objects in an artful composition. In hall 4, we loose ourselves in perfected arrangements. Cafés and lounges invite you to linger and taste culinary delights, elaborately draped on high-end design. Hall 3 is all about entertainment: Live shows about food, function and eating. Celebrities from the culinary world are displaying their prowess. The pinnacle of diversity!

Stories and themes

Hold on! We have to take a second look. We are stopping by a collection of motifs, impressed by the delicacy and profundity of the drawing. Elsewhere, we discover fables, portraits of towns, typography, wildlife, and motifs for sports enthusiasts. Nature themes are strongly represented. Leaf textures, tree motifs, and materials from bamboo via wood through leather are celebrating Gaia’s beauty. From Italian culinary via sushi through BBQ – the represented cultures take us onto a journey around the world.





Tradition and punk

Premium appeal around every corner: Established producers with a long tradition are displaying their modern product lines, developed by celebrity designers. Enthusiasts and press representatives are scrambling around the stands of manufactures to experience the splendour of their centuries-long heritage. No item is like any other: The sign of finest handiwork, at times several dozens of hours per piece! Classics make use of modern accents, exciting plays of forms, as well as metallic effects. Floral concepts continue to be strongly represented and carry a hint of Bohemian romance. On the other hand, there are young and progressive collections, clean shapes and contrasts, as well as allusions to pop and punk.










Practical and intelligent

So much is happening! Aromatic clouds of freshly prepared delicacies are shrouding the air. Clusters of people are gathering around cooking events. We are witnessing the growing expectations towards (multi)functionality and technology. Practical solutions that simplify life are in demand – especially if they make consumption healthier for human and planet. Many of the products and prototypes are highly resistant, convertible, stowable and combinable. Stylish immersion blenders and cooking concepts for the dinner table turn even the most culinary disinclined into gourmets. Now – let us have some of this homemade pizza, prepared right at the dinner table!







Matt and cosy

It is impossible to ignore the signs: A new sense of cosiness is emerging! Porcelain, cutlery, even electrical appliances – matt surfaces do not only create a soft and timeless visual appeal, but also smooth haptics. These designs manifest a certain modesty, as well as a recollection of past values: Home, deceleration, and a sense of serenity far apart from the delusional desire to attain perfection. In addition to warm and muted colours, round and seemingly coincidental shapes intensify this mood. The sceneries are reflecting our deep and profoundly human desire for cosiness… We want to stay here forever!








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