FINAL WRAP – What we still wanted to say

The last morning of this year’s fair has begun. We are entering the express shuttle. The extravagantly clad passengers have come with their suitcases. For at the end of the day, they will spread out towards their homes into all directions. Our plan for today: Take a closer look at the most visionary of all aspects of the fair!

Bonjour! Namaste! And goodbye!

In the shuttle to our “social media HQ”, we are repeating our game once more: Try to make out as many languages as possible within the two-minutes trip! We are getting better and better: Spanish, Japanese, French, possibly Swedish, something African-sounding. Got to love this airport atmosphere! More than 150 countries are present at the fair – from Portugal via Uruguay through Turkmenistan. This explains the conglomerate of various styles, ethnic patterns and colours, dark exotic wood, pompous pillows and design clashes. And we have made new friends from all across the globe – we have even received an invitation to a houseboat in Paris!

Garden houses-Gaden


vase-Garden Glory



Our discoveries for tomorrow

“Gotta leave the coffee pot like that over night to achieve this very flavour!”, so the barista in hall 1 about cold drip coffee. The old-fashioned filter coffee is hip again, as we have learned long ago from the much-evoked hipsters. But letting the water drip all night long – such perfection – that’s going to result in an entirely different flavour. Fruity, like the bean, intense… and cold. Coffee rituals are becoming cult. Oh, the passion in the eyes of the barista – now, we must have some this coffee, too!

Elsewhere at Ambiente, another topic of increasing significance: Outdoors fun! Armchairs, blankets, sofas, pillows, even carpets take the living room into the outdoors. Braided premium furniture, such as a chaise longue or a small Hollywood swing, turns the garden into a Balinese luxury resort. Designers embellish otherwise quite – pardon – boring garden hoses with colourful patterns. Speaking of patterns: It is noteworthy that the consumption goods segment is borrowing ideas from the fashion industry to an increasing extent. Materials such as fur, leather, and wool fabrics are not only used to cover furniture, but living accessories, too. Rivets in the dining segment? Sure thing, see for yourself ! A lamp is completely made of zippers, another consists of metallic elements. Interior design with street and catwalk appeal, oh well!

Cold Drip Coffee-Hario-Ambiente-Kaffee



LIND DNA-vase_2

Thousands of handshakes

The same upshot everywhere: The Ambiente 2017 has been especially successful. Crowded stands and corridors, appointments and deals. Just one remark: We are sad the fair is over, yet we are a little relieved we can call it a day. We will continue our search for useful design that makes the everyday life easier, more sustainable, and prettier – design that connects people from all continents. As Janice Kirkpatrick said in the Designer’s Talk: “Anything can happen.”