DAILY WRAP 1: Glam Games and Ethical

Visitors who enter the halls will immediately realise: A galvanising suspense is filling the corridors between the stands. Industry insiders are expecting the curious gazes of design-minded visitors and the rush of excited go-getters. The topic of Giving in hall 9 and 11 inspires with fresh ideas across glamour and colours, ethical and handmade, form and minimal.

Modern and minimal

Organic shapes are growing into all directions, while others are following clear geometrical and architectural concepts. Paradigm-changing ways of playing with dimensionality are popping up, as seen with two-dimensional plexi-glass lamps. Boots made from neoprene once again illustrate the sophistication of modern material compositions. Frequently, metallic effects are used, or the colours follow a black and white, black and grey, or another two-tone pattern.

Lamp-black-white- two-dimensional-Plexi-glas-1








Ethical and handmade

The smell of novelty and high quality leather is filling the air. Washable bags, soft as butter, astonish not only with their design, but also thanks to their vegan leather and natural components. Masculine courier bags – fully functional as backpacks, too – impress with their plant-based tanning and patina appearance. Various producers apply strict standards of social fairness in their choice of suppliers. Others resort to socially responsible in-house production to greatly reduce adverse effects on society. The premise is clear: Celebrate our passion for design and minimise our environmental and social footprint!





Glam and game

Artful fashion accessories and brightly coloured ideas with a playful twist illustrate: The Ambiente is a place where a wide and international variety of creative minds comes together, skilful geniuses who like to sweeten their world with a dash of humour here and there. Animal prints, cute applications and functional gimmicks are brightening the mood. Walls covered to the last inch in sequins – not a disco exclusive! A multiplicity of jewellery brands is representing filigree femininity in its purest form, using delicate materials such as fine gold and silver threads. Hey – did you know the world is not just a big playground, but also a light ball of pink, blue or green glow?







Our impressions of day 1. We can’t get enough!