Empress Cat and King Dog.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had as wide a range of interior products and stylish accessories for our pets as for ourselves? Sometimes it’s not easy to find pet furniture that is both attractive and functional. To help you in your search, we have selected some outstanding pet accessories and furnishings created by leading manufacturers.

Gone are the days when an old, matted woollen blanket would do as a sleeping place for our dog. Our pets are family members and are entitled to some of the same creature comforts as us. Opinions may be divided over the increasing humanisation of our pets, but it can’t hurt to integrate beds, bowls and toys stylishly into your balcony, garden, apartment or house. Luckily, the design-conscious animal lover can now draw inspiration from a truly regal range of accessories and furnishings that harmonise perfectly with their interior décor.

Sweet dreams

Bedding requirements obviously vary widely depending on the species and breed of pet. Cats, for example, just adore sitting high up on a throne and have nothing against a bit of climbing and scrambling to ensure they command a panoramic view of their surroundings from a safe distance. They don’t need much space either and often seem to set themselves the challenge of finding the last remaining piece of unoccupied shelving. Designer Sebastian Frank has come up with a whole collection of cat furniture with his “Pet Boards” range, which meets human design requirements as well as animal preferences. Diverse elements can be individually combined and discreetly integrated into modern living spaces. Shelves can also be furnished with blankets and cushions, harmoniously matching the surface and colour concept of the existing interior. And today’s absolute must-have item is a cat hammock, which can fit easily in any contemporary home.


Hammock from Design Sebastian Frank

Dogs such as podencos and whippets have short fur and are particularly sensitive to the cold. They love to snuggle up between cushions and nestle in round, shell-like dog beds in which they can enjoy a good – and warm – night’s sleep. With its ultra-cosy RIVA baskets, Laboni has woven a beautiful cocoon-like nest to woo design-conscious pets and their owners. With their elegant and timeless design, they almost look like works of art and blend effortlessly into modern interiors. Laboni’s multi-faceted collections fortunately go far beyond mere bedding. Powder-coated metals combine with artistic high-tech weaving to create a wide range of superior functional everyday items in sophisticated designs.

Bed from Laboni
Cushion from SACKit
1 Bed from Lord Lou
2 Bed from Laboni
3 Cushion from Fatboy

Chic toys

Luckily, the design world has now discovered toys for cats and dogs. To prevent our precious belongings being mistreated or misappropriated, we need to provide exciting distractions that are impossible for our pets – and their owners – to resist. Laboni offers countless toy accessories made from woven materials in bright colours and amusing shapes. The black-and-white “Bonnie Bone” is so universal that it can happily find a home in any house or apartment. Suck UK has created a laptop for cats with sisal keyboard, which is definitely our favourite with its scratch pad, fish images, mouse, scratch carpet – and everything combined in a stylish laptop.

Toy from Suck UK
Toy from Laboni

What owner could resist this great toy for a geeky cat? Possibly, one who has already bought the Mona Lisa cat scratch post from Lord Lou. This work of art makes it to at least second place on our favourites list. Fun accessories can also be stylish. Many designer toys for dogs and cats show a touch of creative flair, as well as giving pleasure to both humans and animals.

Scratching post from Lord Lou
1 Feeder from Arti & Mestieri
2 Storage bin and dog bowl
from Ritzenhoff
3 Feeder from Laboni

Cupboard love

We all know that the way to the heart is through the stomach – which possibly explains the current boom in the pet food industry. Bio-certified dog and cat food manufacturers are popping up like field mushrooms in autumn. Individualised pet food is most definitely on trend. The culinary experts from Munich-based company Terra Canis discovered early on the trend for high-quality ingredients and have for many years been producing products for dogs and cats that meet the standards set for human foodstuffs. In fact, you could quite happily share their “rabbit with zucchini, pear, sage and lavender blossom” with your four-legged friend – perhaps from the fine porcelain bowl made by Ritzenhoff. If you have the classic kitchen floor design of black and white chessboard tiles, we recommend the Koziol cat bowl with ergonomically shaped spoon to extract every last juicy morsel.

1 Storage bin and bowl
from Premier Housewares
2 Food spoon and bowl from Koziol
3 Cat bowl from Alessi
4 Nutrients from animaux

Scoop the poop

We’re not going to mince our words. Dog poo bags tied around the lead are neither amusing nor attractive. We wonder whether the owners are just too lazy to carry them. Discreetly stored in the mouth of the friendly Raumrevolution dog or in the Superdog bag dispenser from Ototo Design, you can then make a much more elegant impression as you walk round the block with man’s best friend. And as it’s now gradually getting cooler and more wintry, it’s the perfect time to sport the new autumn/winter fashions from Lord Lou, such as “Brunello”, a fine cashmere sweater with cable-stitch pattern for small dogs. Practical things can also be really attractive!

1 Dog waste bag dispenser
from raumrevolution
2 Lint and fuzz remover with pet brush
from Gleener
3 Cat carrier from Bama Prodotti Italiani
4 Pullover from Lord Lou
5 Dog waste bag dispenser
from Ototo Design
6 Dog collar from Tweedmill
7 Dog soap from vimi

Instagram stars & designer dog blog

Anthropomorphism – the humanisation of animals – has arrived on Instagram and the results are both original and amusing. Hundreds of thousands of followers demonstrate the popularity of this current trend. Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) claims to be the most stylish dog in the world – and we don’t doubt the truth of this statement. In fact, if you’re interested in seeing your dog dressed in cool hipster gear, you should check out his account. Not only a hit on Instagram but also one of our design favourites is photographer Jeremy Veach’s (@jeremyveach) account, which skilfully stages his pug Norm in a variety of settings and poses. Norm’s selfies are guaranteed to raise a smile. Choupette’s Diary (@choupettesdiary) is the ultimate Instagram account for all fashion-conscious cat lovers. Karl Lagerfeld‘s Burmese cat Choupette can be admired here in all sorts of locations. And if you want to reward your cat with similarly chic fashion items and accessories, you’ll quickly find just what you need at the wonderful designer dog blog Dog Milk. Here Jaime Derringer curates a wide and wonderful array of the best and most innovative products for dogs. Have fun shopping and surfing!

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