Wishing you a very Manly Christmas!

For him: a stripy or a plain tie? Well, neither, actually. If he’s got to put up the tree, then the gifts underneath should at least be thoughtful. Thankfully we’ve got some original suggestions.

Men know best what other men want for Christmas – so it’s lucky Father Christmas is in charge of the presents. But if you don’t want to leave it all up to him, we’ve got some clever, creative ways you can help Santa with his job.

You can see eight products from different manufacturers. In the picture above you can see a black leather bag from Philippi. Next to it are scissors and a small comb for beard care. The picture below shows a black shaving brush from Wild & Wolf. On the right in the picture next to the shaving brush is a silver coat hook from Authentics with a pair of jeans hanging on it. Below is a black leather apron from Dutchdeluxes. To the left is a multi-pocket bicycle bag made of jeans from Donkey Products. Below is a fountain pen by George Jensen. Next to it is a wooden knife by Deejo and blue coasters for pots and tablets by Eva Solo.

  • 1  Beard care set from Philippi
  • 2  Shaving brush from Wild & Wolf
  • 3  Clothes hook from Authentics
  • 4  Bike bag from Donkey Products
  • 5  Leather apron from Dutchdeluxes
  • 6  Knife from Deejo
  • 7  Fountain pen from George Jensen
  • 8  Trivet/tablet stand from Eva Solo

Gadgets for gentlemen
If Father Christmas leaves shaving gear under the Christmas tree, we promise it’ll be a big hit. Or perhaps you know a man with an unkempt beard? Wild & Wolf take care of facial hair prep with a handy shaving brush and stand: perfect for lathering up. For the finishing touches, your man will love the beard care set from Philippi. Comb and scissors are fittingly accommodated in a leather travel case shaped like a moustache and guaranteed to raise a smile. All in all, we’ve got just what any bathroom barber needs. We don’t know if this knife from Deejo is suitable for shaving (you’ll have to see for yourself). We do know that the blade, made from stainless steel with fine laser engraving, not only is damn sharp, but looks it too. It’s a real must-have for all hunter-gatherers. Modern men are no longer content to just hunt: they can also be seen in the kitchen. This can be made an even more attractive prospect if they’re not made to wear a pretty pinafore. A handmade leather apron from Dutchdeluxes will help here, providing the ideal gift for all keen cooks. And this practical stand from Eva Solo is just the job for a man who often looks up recipes on his tablet or smartphone. It can also be used as a trivet! If the stand means your favourite chef spends longer in the kitchen, then this will be a gift that just keeps on giving.

You can see eight other products from different manufacturers. In the top left of the picture you can see black shelves with wooden floors from Serax. Black cutlery from Gense can also be seen. A gray speaker from Muemma is shown in the picture below. Below is a side table with a black box from Emform. Next to it you can see pillows with golden decorations from House Doctor. Below are hanging lamps from Bomma and to the right are gray candlesticks from Gommaire. At the bottom right you can see a gray desk set from Kikkerland.

  • 9  Shelves from Serax
  • 10  Cutlery from Gense
  • 11  Speaker from Muemma
  • 12  Side table from Emform
  • 13  Cushions from House Doctor
  • 14  Lamps from Bomma
  • 15  Candleholder from Gommaire
  • 16  Desk tidy from Kikkerland

Man about the house
Tough on the outside, soft on the inside? If that’s the case with the man, it should also be the case for his home accessories. This candleholder from Gommaire with its rough surface and black paint is certainly tough enough. Up to 5 candles can melt away gently in its holders. The desk tidy from Kikkerland is made from rock-hard concrete, yet contains tender little plants (although it could equally fit a few cacti). It’s ideal for a home or other office, with room for pens and business cards as well as offering green-finger appeal. This speaker from Muemma has a stone effect, given its grey tones. The bass is also hard as rock. Easy to wall-mount, this splendid speaker spreads sound evenly around the room, reproducing softer tones and heavy metal with equally effortless ease. The lamps designed by Ota Svoboda for Bomma are made from solid glass, but look as delicate as soap bubbles to attract our attention. And the soft, cuddly cushions from House Doctor are also bound to appeal, with their marble-effect batik pattern and unfussy prints: perfect for a heavy night on the sofa.

You can see eight other products from different manufacturers. In the top left of the picture is a black clothes rail from Lind DNA. Next to it are candles in the form of dynamite sticks from Mejd Studio. Below you can see a vase in raw optics by Lyon Béton. Next to it is a black oil dispenser by Georg Jensen. The picture below shows wine accessories from Toast Living in black and copper. You can also see a portable grill from Mono. In the lower left picture you can see a black watch from Stelton and next to it is a silver watering can from Born in Sweden.

  • 17  Clothes rail from Lind DNA
  • 18  Candles from Mejd Studio
  • 19  Vase from Lyon Béton
  • 20  Oil dispenser from Georg Jensen
  • 21  Wine accessories from Toast Living
  • 22  Portable Barbecue from Mono
  • 23  Clock from Stelton
  • 24  Watering can from Born in Sweden

Dowdy decoration
Scented candles and potpourri? Not for real men. Yet if the décor has an extraordinary, gritty feel then it will be a hit, and a gift well received. The ‘Big Bang Candlestick’ from Mejd Studio is guaranteed to contain no floral fragrance, but does hit a funny note. The dynamite look is sure to surprise, whether the stick stands alone or in a bundle. Even vases can be great gifts for guys – if they’re anything like this pipe-themed example by Bertrand Jayr for Lyon Béton. These handy wine accessories from Toast Living also look like spare parts of household pipework. But no pipe wrench needed here – the corkscrew, pourer and stopper are all the tools you need. If your man does eat salad, then his olive oil should surely be poured from a steel oil dispenser. Aldo Bakker has designed just such a device for Georg Jensen, and it’s so beautiful that it could pass for pure decoration. Although actually not suitable for recreational use, the clothes rail from Lind DNA does look a lot like a pull-up bar. And since men are increasingly fashion-conscious, this sleek, stylish item comes in two different lengths to accommodate their varying needs. The pared-down, perhaps puritanical wall clock from Stelton is reminiscent of a steering wheel. It has two hands, one of which is connected to the dial. Once again, it’s tasteful, but certainly not middle-of-the-road.