Collage von sommerlichen Kindergeschenken auf blauem Hintergrund.

Presents in perfection.

A school bag is flung into the corner and some child has a big grin on its face: In many parts of the world, it’s vacation time! Jumping into the pool with friends, having garden parties, playing outside for hours and spending lots of time with the family – not just the little ones are simply happy. We adults also enjoy the summer. A nicely packaged present is always a perfect occasion to bring joy.


The matter is actually simple: Children are always excited about presents. It’s just us adults who want to give something useful, but not boring, no items that will gather dust on the shelf, and not tons of sweets. Something to play with, made of sustainable materials, which at best has a learning effect or trains social skills when you play it together. Pretty high standards! But don’t worry, we have many different present ideas ready to inspire you for your own family.

Grupo Erik

Let’s go to the water

When the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, all roads leads to cool water. Everything that needs to come along goes into the backpack. The great design with flowers and leather straps by Grupo Erik is not only popular with children, but certainly also with many mothers. The stacking games by Remember are a delight for young and old alike: Under time pressure, as many templates as possible have to be copied.

Towel, sweater, socks, and water bottle belong to the practical category, but if the useful is so beautifully combined with fun design, you can still score points with the little swimmers. A cuddle hoodie is ideal when a chilly wind comes up while bathing. The little style experts themselves decide whether the socks in ice cream cone look go with it. The drinking bottle by Lund London with sea animal pattern provides the kids with enough liquid at the beach and during the school day.

Lund London
Breba Trading
Breba Trading
by Vivi

Take a break

If you’re on the road a lot, you also need a day at home. Sleeping late, spontaneous visits from playmates or chilling on the couch – during the vacations there is time for everything. In the garden, berries are diligently harvested and flowers are watered. If the weather isn’t so good, these presents help kids get creative.

Let’s dip candles! With the complete set from by Vivi, the children have everything at hand and the bright colours go great with summer. Let’s continue with popsicles: It’s easy with the silicone moulds from Lékué with lots of fun motifs. The yellow notebook with smiley motif from The Happy Planner offers countless opportunities to draw, sketch and record experiences in words.

The Happy Planner

A breath of fresh air in the children’s room

As the first day of school approaches, the children’s room starts to move: a desk is bought, a cosy reading corner is set up. Why not contribute something decorative? 3D puzzles are now also available made of recycled cardboard – they offer a relaxing, shared activity and decorate the new shelf after assembly. Companies like Pickmotion offers art posters with many motifs that can remain on the wall even in teenage years. Matching greeting cards in the same design are available, which can be given away not only with heartfelt greetings but also as vouchers, perhaps for a visit to the museum or zoo?


“I’m going to school!”

Hardly anything is carried with as much pride as the school cone on the first day of school. What goes inside it and what else can you give? From letter magnets to a sloth present box: Practical presents in cheerful colours are a perennial favourite for starting school. The pencil case with push pops playfully promotes concentration and is intended to reduce stress. The more personal, the better: The magnets are available with any name and the present boxes with school utensils come in so many variations that there’s bound to be a favourite motif.

1 Edition Cuddles gift box by MILAN / 2 Utensilo by Balvi Gifts / 3 ZIP & POP box by ZIPIT / 4 Individual magnetic letter set by Pickmotion