Home “to go”, please!

Our grandparents certainly knew that there’s no place like home. But where is home when you’re constantly on the move? Can you simply take your life with you? What – and how much – do you actually need? These days nobody – whether holiday makers, commuters or urban nomads – goes anywhere without a bag.  And certainly not onto the street.

The range of products on the bag market is as diverse as the people who are on the move. Tote bags for young hipsters and snazzy shopping trolleys for grandma. Bags are not just for carrying things, they also make a statement.

People show what they’ve got and how they feel. The cosmopolitan man or woman of the world of course needs no more than a chic holder for his or her credit card, ideally integrated in a smartphone case. The modern asphalt cowboy prefers to carry his travel gear in a casual holster, which can be clipped around the shoulder or hips and holds everything necessary for the urban jungle. Shoulder holsters can accommodate small items such as keys, smartphone and purse or wallet and, thanks to an array of clever details, are very secure and handy. The larger hip holsters with compartments for tablets or laptops have space for a complete office.travelerspoint_1When outdoors and on the move, you’re exposed to the vagaries of wind and weather. And this normally means protecting your things with chemical or plastic-based materials. This is bad for the environment and goes completely against the principles of cyclists who have renounced the car for the bike. Recycled and upcycled bags made from discarded bike tyres offer a great solution.

The ubiquitous new technology is not only transported, it is also integrated into the design of new bags. One of the latest new products is a heated sports bag. As well as – or instead of – heating your snowboarding and ski boots at home by the radiator, you can now warm them up on the way to the piste.travelerspoint_3More on the theme of “At home on the move” and lots of cool and clever innovations and trends can be found this year at Traveller’s Point.

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