‘Sallys Welt’ at Ambiente.

Glasses that change colour under neon lighting, an innovative apple peeler, ethnic decorations and patterned porcelain. In two days at Ambiente, YouTube star Sally discovered all sorts of interesting things for her channel ‘Sallys Welt’ (Sally’s World), for her online shop and for her home. We find out here what she has found to make her cooking and baking easier, which trends she likes and what she’d like her husband to buy for her as a present.

Sally cooks up a storm

Because Sally’s life revolves around the kitchen, home and family, she feels really comfortable in the Dining area at Ambiente. She loves the new, intelligent smoothie maker and the slow juicer that promises to gently crush the fruit and extract more nutrient content. She is also inspired by recipes – no surprise really as she is responsible for the largest cooking and baking channel in the German-speaking world. Almost 1 million subscribers on YouTube tune in for creative ideas and useful tips and tricks. In the video she shows us what she liked at Ambiente. She also explains what makes a really good knife and why jams and preserves will soon be covered in her blog.

Home baking

As an expert baker, Sally knows the problems encountered in kneading, stirring, shaping and decorating. She tests out innovative kitchen equipment at home. And she presents the latest products from her own brand, such as a silicone brush without edges. In her interview with the Facebook Live Team she explains why this product is so hygienic.

On the trail of the tomorrow’s lifestyles

The trend towards all sorts of patterns in ceramics and porcelain is clearly evident. These designs are often inspired by oriental ideas, but the colours remain natural and warm. In the video Sally presents examples of some of these products. The Living area at Ambiente also fascinates her. She is impressed by the diversity on display – from Asian-look indoor fountains and opulent lamps to home textiles and artwork with African motifs. And in the Giving area Sally finds wonderful jewellery that she’d like her husband to buy for her as a present.


home textiles-giving-Kids

A wealth of inspiration

“Two days at Ambiente are not enough,” concludes Sally. “And five days would still be too short.” She visits the show every year so she knows from experience how diverse the observations and individual impressions are – and how essential.

Here you can find Sallys Youtube Channel.