How we dress and how we live is determined to a large extent by styles and trends. There are short-lived fashions that take up space in our wardrobes for just a single season – and there are also things that we never want to lose. Vintage items, souvenirs, sentimental kitsch … whatever you want to call them, they are things that make our everyday life more pleasant and arouse in us one of our strongest feelings: yearning. read more ›

Finger food is extremely fashionable these days. At almost every reception and event you’ll find these little delicacies. And now this trend is increasingly seen at private functions. Because these bite-sized snacks are now being served at more and more parties, this is having an impact on product ranges in the tableware sector. read more ›

German kitchens are becoming more and more American. Walls are disappearing, double-door fridges are in, breakfast bars are increasingly popular and the cooker is taking centre stage. This new openness is also reflected in the pots and pans. People want products that not only create delicious meals, but that look good too. read more ›

Nothing seems quite as old as the status quo – which is why designers all over the world continue to search for new solutions to our everyday problems. Although some solutions surprise us because there didn’t seem to be a problem in the first place, others surprise us more positively with their big new idea. We are delighted to display these big ideas in the Solutions special presentation. read more ›