You can’t ignore these XXL key pieces.

This trend is big and we were pleased to see it stand proud at Ambiente: decor in XXL format. Oversized lamps, vases, sculptures, bowls and other home accessories are the key pieces most in demand for interior design this season – especially if you really want to make a statement. So here’s to the eye-catching giants.

A great way to set the tone
The trend for XXL accessories and decor is the equivalent of a recurring motif from the world of fashion. On international catwalks oversized creations were a common feature in the past, and current collections, too, show how a single bold detail like a boxy pullover or oversized A-line overcoat can be used to create a complete look. In particular, purists and fans of timeless design love the idea of staging an interior using just a few expressive elements. It’s a great way to set the tone and it can all be done with a few XXL key pieces, like the ones we found at Ambiente.

Oversize-XXL-Vases-Decoration-Key Pieces-1

Oversized style statements
If you want to make a great impression, perhaps with a vase or planter, then make it big with plants and branches a metre long. Instead of having to stand the usual bouquet on a sideboard, these oversized accessories give double the two interior décor benefit. The same is true of XXL candles and candelabras. Making a natural light source the main player in your interior is both a subtle and an opulent move. As artist Anselm Feuerbach says: “Style is leaving out the right unessential things.” Why put up sideboards, shelves, display cases, coffee tables and other furniture? You need to focus on what is essential – this is the key to developing your own style. Concentrate on one key piece that expresses how you live.

Less is more
From a purely pragmatic point of view, outsized accessories offer many benefits. You don’t have rooms full of items of furniture that do nothing for the overall look. You avoid creating ‘dead space’. In line with the principles of Feng Shui, you ensure there are fewer barriers and more room for positive energy to flow freely. And to take another lesson from the world of fashion – avoid drowning your look in excessive decoration. Keep only items that embody your style and do not distract from it. These enormous interior pieces are very good at attracting attention, even without the addition of flowers, branches, candles or flames. They work whether their design is purist with a focus on the silhouette – or decorated with opulent flowery excess, wild patterns or expressive colours.


Sculptural beacons
Traditional decorative features, particularly lamps and lighting, are increasingly being offered in an oversized format. At Ambiente we discovered arc lamps, chandeliers and standard lamps with extra-large lampshades that brought sculptural impact to many interiors. Let’s be clear about the effect of these XXL key pieces: they catch the eye and put the rest of the interior into perspective, literally.

Art for art’s sake
In the world of interior design form does not always follow function. We know from the art world the idea of ‘L’art pour l’art’ (art for art’s sake). Our favourite XXL accessories at Ambiente embody exactly that philosophy. They’re big, they’re beautiful and they grab your attention. Giant fruit-shaped decorative elements such as oversized apples and even bigger pears have replaced last season’s animal designs of life-size horse statues and porcelain dogs. Their generous dimensions and restrained single colours bring a touch of luxury. It’s a modern interpretation of Baroque still life!


XXL meets XXS
Big items can fit in small frames. If there was one thing that stood out at Ambiente, it was that these XXL key pieces can be used in any interior to add a certain something. You don’t need a Victorian villa or rooms with high stucco ceilings to display oversized accessories to best effect. On the contrary, small rooms in particular benefit from the effects of mega decorations, provided these are skilfully positioned and other furniture that encourages clutter and bric-a-brac is kept to a minimum. Large size suggests generosity, and that’s why an individual XXL lamp or cleverly positioned candelabra can go a lot further in a one-room flat than filling it with furniture. Last but not least, we found a fashion quotation that sums it up nicely. As Coco Chanel said: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”