Wooden objects, asking to be fondled.

Technical progress has blessed us with many new materials. But none really compares with the beauty of natural wood. Rigid and pliable, natural and aesthetic – the range of applications of wood knows no bounds. There are inspiring discoveries to be made, whether indoor or outdoor, in the kitchen or living room. Our selection focuses on the tactile – touching is expressly encouraged.

terrace-sunhade-log carrier-garden chair

  • 1  Sunshade from Skagerak Denmark
  • 2  Side tables from Gommaire
  • 3  Log carrier from Serax
  • 4  Decorative elk from House Doctor
  • 5  Garden chair from EcoFurn
  • 6  Lantern from Side by Side

The forest tamed – practical wooden objects for terrace and home
Summer is a knockout – as is the Atlantis sunshade from Skagerak. No matter whether we stretch out on the grass for a picnic, hire a canoe to explore a nearby river or lace up our boots for a hike in the woods – all our senses open up in nature. A bonfire is one of the highlights of the season and the snazzy log carrier from Serax is the ideal thing for aficionados. Often, though, there isn’t room for a fire and that’s when the lamp from Side by Side, manufactured in the Caritas Wendelstein workshops, is the ideal atmosphere maker. Its top consists of a cut-off recycled bottle, which sits on a wooden base of oiled oak. And to round off a romantic evening, what better accompaniment than an intact – and full – bottle of wine?

elegant-wall clock-loudspeaker-minimalist

  • 1  Wall clock from Architectmade
  • 2  Stool from Umbra Shift
  • 3  Loudspeaker from Kähler
  • 4  Lamps and vases from Applicata

Elegant simplicity and quiet excellence
The Danes have always had a special relationship with wood – their clean designs demonstrate this perfectly. The round Finn Juhl wall clock, which was created in 1950 for the UN building in New York, does its job perfectly and is now being reissued by Architectmade. Clarity exposes the essential. In the case of loudspeakers, that’s of course the sound – and with Kähler‘s elegant, minimalist “Fugato” you are guaranteed top quality. And if you don’t want to place the box on its base of solid oak, ash or walnut, it has a leather strap that you can hang from a wall hook, for instance in the bathroom for your own private concert in the shower.

rough-smooth-cutting board-Candle holder-handcrafted

  • 1  Wine rack from Legnoart
  • 2  Pot warmer from Side by Side
  • 3  Cheese board from Nambé
  • 4  Salt & pepper shakers from Robert Welch
  • 5  Cutting board from Fuga
  • 6  Candle holder from Mejd Studio

Taking the rough with the smooth – wonderful look and feel
Some things are so beautiful that you don’t want to use them, you just want to keep them safe and sound. The large “Water” cutting board from Russian manufacturer Fuga would look great on the wall. Its striking oak surface, which is cut with a chainsaw, is as impressive as an abstract painting. The material simply asks to be handled and stroked. It’s just as well that there are plenty of other things to occupy your hands in the kitchen! The cheese board from Nambé, complete with curved stainless steel knife, combines a granite cutting surface with acacia wood. A useful feature is the wide wooden edge that prevents even the smallest crumb of cheese from escaping.