What’s cooking in the kitchen?

German kitchens are becoming more and more American. Walls are disappearing, double-door fridges are in, breakfast bars are increasingly popular and the cooker is taking centre stage. This new openness is also reflected in the pots and pans. People want products that not only create delicious meals, but that look good too.

The American influence on German cuisine is not just limited to hamburgers and hotdogs. In kitchen design, too, there is a significant trend towards the “American way of life”.

Perhaps this is because US TV series are increasingly showing us the insides of American kitchens rather than courtrooms, oil fields or the streets of New York and San Francisco..

Wherever these influences are actually coming from, the fact is that German kitchens are following the example of the American kitchen and becoming more and more open. Whereas previously kitchens were enclosed spaces with perhaps a useful hatch through to the dining room or lounge, an open cooking and living area is becoming more and more frequently the central focus of the home.kitchen_1This openness naturally also influences the furnishing of the new kitchen. In the past the family’s “best china” might only have been brought out on high days and holidays, today pots, pans, knives and even electrical appliances are all exposed to public gaze. kitchen_2More importance is therefore being attached to kitchen fittings and equipment. When it comes down to it, people want to show off not just their style, but also what they have.

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