Welcome to the jungle.

A blissful tropical vacation among the palm trees or a Jeep safari with wild tigers and crocodiles is now within reach – without ever leaving home. The jungle style trend features large palm prints and wallpapers, fun equatorial colours and funky interior accessories. Exotic meets Africa: zoology, ostriches, wildcats, monkeys and lions all feature this trend, which is all about playful, glam escapism. So here are inspirational ideas to help create your very own, home-grown jungle boogie vibe.

We explore how to take your own exotic holiday closer to home, via a variety of design objects. There are many elegant ways of following this trend, with animals and plants, brights and darks. Be bold and set off for the jungle!

In the fashion world, designers like Marc Jacobs, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro have experimented with tropical prints. Interior design has followed suit, bringing this style back indoors. Using strong statement prints is just one striking way to add colour.

The glamour of green

To set the tone for a home-based jungle paradise, try a dark green signature wallpaper to offset elegant white tableware. A subtle touch of gold would add a certain je ne sais quoi. English tableware manufacturer Royal Crown Derby knows just how it’s done.

Plant pot from Garden Glory
Tableware from Royal Crown Derby

Creating a refined, equatorial interior

A jungle motif provides the perfect foil for an exotic ambience. Another great starting point is feature furniture, like this dark green velvet sofa from House Doctor, or some storage in dark wood. Animals like lions, monkeys and crocodiles in matte golden refinement enrich this trend.

1 Table lamp from Eichholtz
2 Plate from Vista Alegre
3 Knife rest from Fürstenberg
4 Bookend from VanillaFly
5 Drawer from Dôme Deco
6 Sofa from House Doctor
7 Napkin holder from
Roberto Cavalli Home
8 Vase from Herend

African style in crafts and design

Another way to interpret the jungle style trend is by creating a sandy, desert atmosphere. Think Africa, tropical insects, plants, sand and the like. Decorative textures can help with this feel. Antique palm prints on used-look paper, such as this one by The Dybdahl. Basketry and lamps are a wonderful way to add African-inspired texture. Coordinated accessories like these grasshopper tea light holders from Bloomingville will lend a delicate charm to any space.

Here’s the treasure trove of Africa-inspired objects we unearthed:

1 Votives from Bloomingville
2 Pendant lamp from Broste Copenhagen
3 Vase from A Simple Mess
4 Print from The Dybdahl
5 Purse from Lili’s Loft
6 Vase from IVV Handmade in Italy
7 Cushion from Kare Design
8 Bracelet from AU Maison

Animal capers

The most fun you can have with the jungle design is by adding a few decorative elephants or hippos or Kay Bojesen’s zebra. And fashion also features the animal statement. So why not sport a kooky crocodile ring.

1 Standard lamp from Boqa
2 Plates from Serax
3 Wooden zebra from Kay Bojesen
4 Corkscrew from Alessi
5 Pot from Kähler
6 Laundry bag from Butter Kings
7 Ring from Haoshi Design

Travel tips for jungle style seekers

If you’d like to hunt out some exotic interiors before you introduce them into your home, here are some top tips.

Restaurant Rocca Riviera, Munich

This restaurant embodies the perfect combination of materials like velvet and marble with jungle elements. This is also the place for colour palette inspiration. It shows that this exotic trend can handle greens, but also works with deep blues, burgundies and soft pastel shades.

Restaurant Fogo, Barcelona

The Fogo restaurant presents the classic jungle trend with its bold colours and design elements against the backdrop of its calmer, more subtle version in their interieurs’. All you need to do is savour the sensational Brazilian food served right here in Barcelona. You’ll be transported to the sandy beaches of Rio.

Hotel Casa Cook, Rhodes

The interior of Hotel Casa Cook is a beautiful symbiosis of natural sandy hues, Africa-inspired textures and textiles, with exotic motifs of judiciously applied palm trees and mysterious creatures. Here you can kick back in luxury, surrounded by classy hybrid jungle style.