Welcome spring! Inspiration from nature.

We know spring is here when the Easter bunny lays its eggs. This spring is ripe for new powder colours and floral motifs on porcelain. In the Ambiente blog we show how the on-trend rabbit runs.


Bright and sunny
As soon as the first warm rays of the sun greet us in spring, we feel a strong desire to bring nature into our homes. Fresh moss, early flowers and pretty catkins – perhaps from just outside in the garden – are our favourite ways of adding a touch of green to an Easter brunch. Spring potpourris are also welcome. Handmade accessories – for instance, origami artwork for an Easter bouquet – are ‘in’ and harmonise perfectly with the new ultra-soft colour tones that provide a feeling of spring throughout the house. And when it comes to porcelain, it too has been given a touch of pastel.


Gentle awakening
Many of this year’s table decorations are quite uncomplicated. For instance, blossoming twigs and branches spread out in a vase, original serviette rings made from young willow shoots, or seemingly fresh laid eggs nestling under a glass bell jar. The whole look casually held together by a tone-on-tone fabric band with an Easter message. The overall effect is a simple and welcome greeting from nature.


Hop to it
Garish tones are out. Blown hen and goose eggs retain their natural colours. And when it comes to those little quail eggs, nature herself has already provided its own speckled pattern. Elsewhere, these harbingers of spring are painted with gold effect spray or strikingly decorated with black and white designs. And let’s not forget the Easter bunny who seems to love hopping around in shades of white and cream. All in all, this year’s spring and Easter decorations seem more refined and grown-up. Rustic and light materials, clean lines and authenticity play an ever greater role. This naturalness quite simply has proven, long-term appeal, everything else is a short-lived trend.