Splish Splash! Designer water bottles for a healthy lifestyle.

Drink plenty of water. It sounds so simple, but it’s hard for many people to incorporate this tip into their daily lives. They have no time, no water close at hand or they don’t think about it. Yet the multi-coloured array of drinking bottles presented at Ambiente make it easier to stay healthy and hydrated in style.

Sip by sip
We’ve all been there: it’s been a stressful day, with one meeting after another, litres of coffee and a few snacks on the hoof. It all catches up with you in the evening: headaches and wrinkles make you feel and see the pressure, but by that time it’s too late to catch up on missed fluid intake. There’s a good reason why doctors advise filling up on water throughout the day – preferably two or three litres. How is that even possible? Firstly, the water we need for our metabolism doesn’t all have to be taken in liquid form. The food we eat also contains water. Advice from the German nutritional experts Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE) is to drink between 1.3 and 1.5 litres of fluids – preferably water, unsweetened tea or modern flavoured waters (with no sugar). So it is achievable, and the right help is here at hand.

Drink in style
The first step is to keep a bottle at hand at all times. Why not follow the example of fashion models? For them a beautiful and healthy body is vital. Water sits in their handbag alongside creams and lip salves. This stylish must-have water carrier also needs to be practical – so easily refillable bottles are in demand. They need to be light, free from toxins and double as an all-purpose smart accessory. Water bottles are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every look and requirement.


To each their own
If you like drinking with a straw, you could do worse than invest in a cool ‘Contigo’ bottle. The Belgian company specialises in insulated cups and containers for adults and children alike. At Ambiente they presented water bottles to go, which you can use at work, on the sports field or even in school, to keep you hydrated round the clock. These bottles have a patented ‘autoseal’ anti-spill function, and keep drinks cool or warm for up to 20 hours. They are available with or without a straw. The company’s innovative ‘Shake & Go’ cups are also part of this range: you can shake to make the tastiest drinks without any drips or spills. No need to stick to flavoured water when you can also have shakes, smoothies, iced coffee or tea. May your drinks be merry and bright!

Do yourself – and the environment – a favour
Ambiente exhibitor Equa is also keen on different tastes. The company’s Slovenian founder came up with the idea for his portable drinks bottles as he walked along the beach and saw litter made up mainly of disposable drinks containers. He resolved to create drinking bottles from reusable environmentally friendly materials, to give something back both to users and the environment. Hence the company’s name, made up of the words ‘eco’ and ‘aqua’. Equa produces some extremely cool bottles made of quality glass for use in the car, handbag, office or wherever. Some of the bottles have stylish felt or silicon covers, which keep drinks either hot or cold – they can satisfy the thirst of the fussiest fashionista and the busiest business traveller. Inspiration comes for free: on the Equa website you’ll find great recipes for drinks made with fresh ingredients, including irresistible lemon-flavoured freshness (see tip below). It’s not just the materials that are environmentally friendly – 10 % of net income goes to selected environmental organisations. Go on, spoil yourself and do your bit for the environment!


A taste of summer, on the move
We took a tip from Equa and prepared an easy summery pick-me-up that’s so tasty it’s a pleasure to stay hydrated.Take a slice of lemon, some lemon balm leaves (or mint), and add water for the most refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day. To drink on the go, just pour into your favourite bottle and enjoy, whether at work or after exercise.

Bobble-filters-make water better-3

Filter to go
Apart from the multitude of flavours and designs, there is also the question of the quality of the water we drink. That’s why many people filter their tap water. Now you can do that both at home and on the move! The slogan here is: ‘Make water better’. Colourful ‘Bobble’ water bottles have carbon filters to remove pollutants from water in double-quick time to give a refreshing, energising drink.