Trend Film 2017 – sustainably inspiring.

Light shines through dune-like waves. Found objects are used as design elements. Linen is handwoven in traditional ways and stag beetles scrabble over cushions. Sustainability is the one great aspiration that holds all these contemporary styles together.

The four most important trends for this year were showcased at Ambiente 2017. In a special presentation by stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano the very latest fashions in furnishings, decorations, gifts, table settings, kitchen equipment and household items were on display. And all these designs and product ideas were informed by a keen sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness. You can see for yourself how good they are in the film:

Natural innovative capacity

What does ‘sustainability’ mean? The term covers a wide range of contemporary issues, for example the use of recyclable materials as well as resources such as wood, straw and stone. It also means compliance with ethical standards such as social responsibility. What’s more, the use of modern, environmentally friendly production techniques can create wonderfully natural textures and looks. Care for our planet and awareness of the finite nature of our resources are now integral components in the world of consumer goods and will effect a permanent change in the marketplace.

A world for each trend

All the 2017 Trends are sustainable – and display a wonderfully diverse and imaginative array of ideas. ‘delicate structures’ is inspired by nature and natural phenomena. ‘honest material’ celebrates high-grade craftsmanship and design and breathes new life into traditional skills. ‘jumbled pattern’ encourages carefree style mixes, imagination and creative inventions. ‘notable shapes’ describes a clear, distinctive interior with strong silhouettes and sculptural forms. Discover more in the film. And read the articles on the four trends here in the blog.