Wherever you look – the warm glow of copper.

We suppose it could go the same way with copper as it does with many other trends. While some people can’t get enough of it, others quickly become tired of the latest fashion. However, even though copper in all its nuances has been a major trend colour for some years, there are surprisingly few calls for its overthrow. Quite the contrary, we increasingly find this metal radiating warmth and comfort in all sorts of interior spaces. We are therefore devoting our Ambiente blog to the warm, rosy glow of this design phenomenon.

Many interior design aficionados freely admit to a long-standing obsession with copper. Unsurprisingly, both Pantone and Dulux selected different shades of copper as their 2015 colour of the year. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that copper was being celebrated as a major rediscovery. Following its huge popularity in the 1970s as a decoration and furnishing component, it lagged for a long time behind more subdued chrome and stainless steel furnishing designs. Copper can thank its comeback to a general desire for more warmth in our homes and to the resulting increased use of earthier and more vibrant colours.

Salt & Pepper-glass-porcelain-wood-Marmor-Copper-01

Captivated by a colour
What is the special attraction of copper? The world of fashion quickly succumbed to the attraction of this colour which spans a spectrum from light rose-gold, luminous rust-red tones and orange through to oxidised brown – and creates glamourous touches and refined looks. Many interior designers have found in this extremely eye-catching material an expression of the spirit of the age and greatly appreciate its emotional quality. The outstanding versatility of the metal as well as its diverse applications contribute to its popularity. Highly polished copper throws off beautiful reflections of light – and brushed copper has an equally sophisticated and contemporary effect. Untreated copper lives and ages with us and obtains a patina over time making each object a unique one-off.

The infinite potential combinations with other materials and colours and the diverse moods that can be created offer a fascinating array of design possibilities. Copper in its purest pink tone is increasingly being used in partnership with marble. This trend has inspired the simple candle holder from the Menu Kunde company, as well as the substantial wall clock from Salt & Pepper. Various combinations of copper and glass or porcelain and wood have also provided us with a wealth of beautiful objects.

Dôme Deco-Beyond-Kerzenhalter-Möbelstücken-Kupfer-02

Where to with copper?
The use of copper over large areas, for instance in wall cladding or furniture, guarantees a spectacular spatial effect with depth and brilliance. As components in a wide range of furnishing styles, copper objects are both alluring as well as highly decorative. However, the “less is more” philosophy also applies here. Copper is ideal for creating impressive highlights. For example, skilfully positioned items such as bowls, vases or candleholders from Dôme Deco, or desktop accessories add popular finishing touches to desks and shelves as the precious new collection by “Beyond Object” demonstrates. However, when used to excess, a room can quickly become top-heavy with metal.

ceiling Lights-table lamps-copper-03

We discovered plenty of bright spots with ceiling lamps and table lights in a wide spectrum of copper tones and in all shapes and sizes. Whether constructed from soldered copper wire, such as the Zattellite collection from Schema Products, from hammered copper sheets or from copper-coated glass or plastic, these lamps draw our gaze and add warmth to interiors even before they’re switched on.

Decor Walther-Bloomingville-bath-accessories-copper-04

Fresh elegance and comfort
A brilliant discovery for us was the entry of copper into the bathroom. Manufacturers such as Decor Walther and Bloomingville showed with their bathroom accessories at Ambiente that it’s not just high-class fittings that can create glamour in the bathroom. Mirrors, bins and soap dispensers in an attractive metallic look also have a hint of vintage style about them and remind us – in the same way as gleaming bar accessories – of the chic ‘Mad Men’ style of the 1960s. Finally, we ought to mention the stylish bedroom furnishings we saw with copper highlights. The warm, pink-to-orange glow radiating from shimmering copper objects – whether lights, small items of furniture or mirrors – provide additional comfort and elegance.