From opulent to minimalistic. The jewellery trends this summer.

As the temperatures rise, the rule of “less is more” usually applies when it comes to fashion – at least with respect to clothing. Instead of complex layered looks, the focus turns to lighter garments and floaty, fluid materials. At the same time, accessories take on a more important role, providing that certain something. Many women don’t want to forego coordinating jewellery, even in summer. Whether a statement piece, a leather armband or a classic elegant gold necklace, the current jewellery trends embrace a wide array of designs and styles.

Mint Sweden-Biba-Exoal-Sweet Deluxe-Sweet-Ethnoschmuck-colour-Shape

  • 1  Earrings from Mint Sweden
  • 2  Earrings from von Biba
  • 3  Bracelet from Exoal
  • 4  Necklace from Schmückstück
  • 5  Ring from Sweet Deluxe
  • 6  Bracelet from Dazzl

Travel the world. Ethnical jewellery in every design and colour
Gemstones and glass stones have been used in jewellery-making ever since antiquity. While they once served as status symbols for rulers and prosperous citizens due to their high cost, these colourful stones have long been a feature of fashion jewellery and are now popular holiday souvenirs from exotic locations. But even on home ground there will be plenty of sparkle about this summer. Whether rings, necklaces or armlets, understatement is passé. Opulent is the name of the game. Large statement earrings are making a comeback. From brightly coloured to playful in appearance, they’re often reminiscent of the Orient and the wonderful tales from One Thousand and One Nights. By contrast, necklaces and bracelets with matt stones, some resembling seashells, turn their wearer’s thoughts to white, sandy beaches and seas of brilliant blue.

Biba-Exoal-Mint Sweden-Sweet Deluxe-blue-02

  • 1  Earrings from Biba
  • 2  Bracelet from Exoal
  • 3  Bracelet from Mint Sweden
  • 4  Ring from Sweet Deluxe

A mermaid’s dream. Jewellery pieces in aquamarine
There’s definitely no chance of escaping the colour blue this season and in jewellery design radiant aquamarine enjoys the limelight. This shade, the name of which derives from its delicate blue to bluey-green hue, first appeared in Europe during the Renaissance. The stone is extracted primarily in Brazil, parts of Africa and Madagascar and Pakistan. But even as a synthetic stone, aquamarine relinquishes none of its effect. Indeed, more than almost any other, this colour stands for calm, tranquillity and purity. If gemstone meanings are to be believed, then aquamarine also brings about an increased sense of self-worth and promotes clarity of thought. An examination of this season’s jewellery pieces leaves no doubt that this is true. Here the sparkling stones might stand out as a unique highlight or feature as a dominating element.

Ernst Stein-My66-Royal Ego-Leder-grey-03

  • 1  Bracelet from Ernst Stein
  • 2  Bracelet from Biba
  • 3  Necklace from My66
  • 4  Necklace from Sweet Deluxe
  • 5  Bracelet from Royal Ego

Wild things. Jewellery made from leather
Not least during the festival season, jewellery and accessories that are hardwearing and robust find many fans. Leather is the ideal material in this respect. Indeed, the durability of animal hide has been appreciated since the Stone Age. And when it comes to style, then leather in no way takes second place to those classics of jewellery-making, gold and silver. So much will become apparent this summer at the latest. Tying in with the current bohemian trend, leather is one of the big must-haves this season – in jewellery, too. Many of the well-known looks have been excitingly reinterpreted, at the same time helping leather to distance itself from its rather controversial image as a fetish material. Elements in soft, matt suede flirt with upmarket gold and sought-after gemstones. Playful tassels provide a feminine touch, as do lavish draped features. The overall result is an entirely distinctive style that looks just as good at a festival venue as it does in a day-to-day setting.

Leaf-Mint Sweden-Quadrate-Dreiecke-geometry-minimalism-04

  • 1  Earrings from Leaf
  • 2  Ring from Sweet Deluxe
  • 3  Necklace from Leaf
  • 4  Bracelet and Ring from Mint Sweden

Squares, triangles and other shapes. Geometry from head to toe
It’s in Scandinavia particularly that minimalism in design takes centre stage. Here looks are defined by unpretentious, linear forms and the limited use of materials. This summer, many different manufacturers have signed up to this aesthetic tradition, unveiling filigree jewellery with a veritable “wow” effect. Gold, silver and copper serve as the basis; skilful craftsmanship lends a new dimension to the most important geometric shapes. Pieces range from square armlets through statement earrings with circular details to racy, jagged rings. This trend shows that exciting design does not always have to be opulent and ornate.