Some like it white – the perennial popularity of white.

White is hot; it’s a classic summer shade. Ambiente 2015 proved that home accessories and tableware in pure white are dazzling the public this season. White leaves nobody cold, whether for its timeless elegance, purity or Scandinavian freshness. In this Ambiente blog we explore the fascination of this colour.

What attracts us to piles of lily-white linen and shelves full of the purest porcelain? The positive psychological effect of white is clearly connected to light and brightness. This links back to our early history. Sites of contemplation have for hundreds of years used this pure colour in their design and to signify spirituality. White denotes a place of peace and retreat. The perceptive message it sends is that less can mean so much more. It has long been known in home design that concentrating on simplicity and the essentials is effective in bringing body, mind and soul together in harmony.

Origami-Style-bowls-ceiling lights-white

Not all whites are equal
It’s certainly true that a white interior gives a clean effect. To fully reveal its true character it is important to use the right amount of white – and in the right places. A clear, blueish white will appear cool, while antique white or cream with their beige undertones increase the visual warmth. White can create a variety of moods depending on the smallest nuance; it can even make spaces appear larger, reflecting and intensifying the light. Especially in summer, we see soft whites in our homes creating space and lightness. For a feel-good atmosphere, white – whether on walls, furniture or accessories – is a timeless essential. There’s a lot of psychology behind this. Living with white means sending a clear signal that contrasts with our often hectic everyday lives. Sometimes we long for a simple existence in peace and harmony, as was experienced in ancient monasteries. Lots of white, good honest wood, no pomp or ceremony – just a focus on the basics. Of course we don’t live in spartan monastic cells, but we can surround ourselves with whiteness to ground us in a similar way. We love these ceiling lights in a sought-after origami style, giving pause for reflection. Pure white bowls are also reminiscent of filigree artworks made from folded paper, providing mobile highlights. This is an enchanting trend. White brings everything into gentle flux, but keeps it light – that is its secret.

White gold-Porcelain tableware-snow white-table vase-crockery

White gold
Flawless, snow-white porcelain tableware, often from traditional ranges, is one of those basics almost everyone owns. At Ambiente 2015 surprising trends emerged which would all fit well with this classic ‘white gold’. The part of this spectrum that we particularly like are the powdery shades that can revitalise even a somewhat elderly dinner service. How easy it is to achieve this rejuvenation! For instance, a modest table vase in delicate stone grey gives a touch of class to a white ensemble, and a rough wooden table provides a stylish springboard for brand new white items: perfect. Pure white crockery can always be effectively decorated with accessories, so these pieces never become tired.

A haven of peace-cups-white porcelain

A haven of peace
Food keeps body and soul together, but it’s the white salt that adds flavour. Isn’t it every design purist’s dearest wish to eat from white porcelain plates, to drink from simple cups that envelop historic forms in modern clothing and appear light as the finest parchment? Sleek jugs and giant bowls also provide a treat for the senses – as seen at Ambiente. We found ourselves thinking of milk and oven-fresh bread. Simply divine. We were transported effortlessly by this white haven of peace into the calm place we’ve always longed for.