The 6 best decoration ideas.

A guest blog by Sebastian Braschl,

Minimalism is out – that was my impression as I made my way home after Ambiente. While straight lines, clear shapes and restrained colours were for a long time all the rage, we are now letting more colour and unusual shapes into our homes again. Powdery tones across the whole rainbow palette, complementary colour combinations, out-of-the-ordinary plant pots and individual craftsmanship have moved in. Classic white ceramics offer the perfect counterpoint to this colourful variety. My personal highlights from Ambiente 2019 show what this looks like in practice.


Powdery colour tones

The delicate powder tones across the entire rainbow palette bring springtime to mind and are anything but kitschy. Many manufacturers have jumped on the powder trend this year. From textiles to vases, ceramics and household appliances, they bring a breath of fresh air into the home.

Design Letters

Colour blocking: blue meets orange

Mix & match: colour blocking is a popular trend in today’s interior design. Whether it’s the grouping of objects in complementary colours, exciting colour gradients or two-colour glass containers – you simply can’t get away from these stimulating colour combinations.

Ichendorf Milano
Hübsch Interior
Nude Glass
Ro Collection

Unusual plant containers

The question as to whether the indoor plant trend could possibly be over was clarified during my visit to Ambiente – the answer was: No! The urban jungle is now being enhanced with striking plant containers in unusual colours and exciting shapes.

Lucie Kaas
Broste Copenhagen
House Doctor
by Lassen

Ceramics in white

White ceramics and simple home accessories make the perfect contrast with all the colours that currently dominate the decorative landscape. These high-quality ceramics go particularly well in combination with rich colours and were therefore strongly in evidence at Ambiente.

Costa Nova

Tradition, diversity and new designs

One-off pieces from Mexico and sophisticated raffia plates reflect a very personal style and satisfy a longing for far-away places as well as the desire to have something special in one’s own home.

M.A. Melissa Avila
M.A. Melissa Avila

Sweet creatures: wooden animals are on the up

The wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen seems to be facing serious competition. Whether elephants, pelicans, mice or penguins – the home zoo is getting bigger and bigger thanks to new, small labels.

Lucie Kaas
Lucie Kaas

The joie de vivre and the diverse range of colours that are currently dominating our furnishings help make the home a communal, cosy place of retreat. Whether this trend is a departure from clear, minimalist forms or perfectly complements them remains to be seen. I look forward to seeing what happens.

Sebastian Braschl,