Easy to handle. Smart multitaskers.

New ideas needed! Do you sometimes ask yourself what could be done to make kitchen tools more versatile? Often it’s the little things that make a big difference. We highlight intelligent additional functions that offer great potential.

Flexible friends
Multitasking is a must when you’re cooking. And you should expect your kitchen aids to be able to do more than just one thing. In times of small apartments and limited storage space in the kitchen, those little helpers with additional functions are a real boon. The French manufacturer Mastrad makes a whisk for all situations. The “Express Whisk” has flexible silicon ball-shaped tines that enable it to change width and length. The clever invention is equally at home with narrow glasses or wide bowls and the tines can be flattened for mixing small quantities and sauce bases. And on the subject of flexibility, the new peeler “Reverso” from Swiss manufacturer Moha has blades that can cut lengthways or crossways depending on setting. It’s ideal for peeling soft or hard fruit and veg – and there’s also a lemon zester.

Mastrad-Reverso-Schäler-Schneebesen-Express Whisk_01

  • Manufacturer: Mastrad, Moha

Smart kitchen
There’s refined functionality in the pineapple slicer with integral storage container – it’s a tidy solution as the slim box is the perfect thing for today’s refrigerator culture. “Each product in our ‘Hello Fun’ctional’ series contains an element of surprise. We are aiming particularly at young people”, explains WMF Head Designer Achim Bölstler. He is certainly thinking well ahead: “There will be plenty of action in the area of the smart kitchen and app-controlled kitchen devices in future. In five years’ time there’ll no doubt be a spoon with a voice telling you ‘10 grams’ and the calorie count as well.” Big spoon is watching you! Kitchen scales may well become a thing of the past when it comes to baking.

WMF-Hello Functional-Achim Bölstler-pineapple slicer-lemon squeezer-02

  • Manufacturer: WMF

Mix and tricks
Sophisticated enhancements such as the ones we’ve mentioned here add interest to old, familiar tools. We have lots of cooking spoons in the kitchen, but we’d be more likely to choose the pasta spoon if it has a portion measurer. Apart from traditional kitchen aids, what struck us was the drinking bottle from Zing Anything with its integral lemon squeezer and cucumber slicer. This is a particularly refreshing idea for summer, and with the inbuilt loop handle it’s great for when you’re on the move. Simply fill the bottle with mineral water, squeeze in the lemon juice or slice a cucumber and you have a healthy source of vitamin C and a great tasting drink. Just add a couple of ice cubes for a complete holiday feeling.

drinking bottle -cucumber slicer-Zing-Zinganything-03


  • Manufacturer: Zing Anything