Red wins: The trending colour of autumn.

Red is sexy, red is wild! Red is seductive, dangerous, mystical, and a real energy booster! In short, no other colour conveys such an extreme image and, when on show, is a real eye-catcher. Although the trend in fashion and interior design in recent years has been towards the “less is more” approach, the colour red will be celebrating a great comeback this autumn – in accessories, tableware, decorative items and furnishings. There’s no denying the fact that the colour red has power. Even the hotel industry has started to recognize this and now uses red as a design highlight.


  • 1  Glass from Etna Glass
  • 2  Fish knife and fork from Capdeco
  • 3  Egg boiler from Koziol
  • 4  Plate from Mateus
  • 5  Glass from Dibbern
  • 6  Teapot and cup from Arzberg

“Table be set!” A new look in hospitality
The rosy red apple was the undoing of Snow White. Far less dangerous is the current trend in kitchen items. Although glasses, cutlery and plates play effectively with texture, above all it’s about temptation and indulgence. The sensuously smooth surface of the Arzberg teapot makes you want to forget all about the worries of daily life. What’s more, this cherry-red temptress comes with matching cups. The brightly coloured Etna glasses are also a real eye-catcher. When the light is refracted through the fine flute form of the hand-made goblet, the pot-bellied vessel begins to light up in an almost mystical way. The Mateus plates on the other hand are presented quite differently. The smooth porcelain is really enough in itself. The appearance of something quite special is created here through a three-dimensional bubble structure in which red comes into its own in various shades.


  • 1  Armchair from Kare
  • 2  Bowl from Alessi
  • 3  Umbrella stand from Progetti
  • 4  Coat rack from SMD Design
  • 5  Basket from Boodo

Playing with intensity. Red can be so versatile
As in fashion, retro is also the on-trend look for interior design. Shapes and colours that were so familiar in the 1970s are being reinterpreted this season. Everything’s in a state of flux. Curved lines take the place of hard corners and edges, making even cold metal seem warm and inviting. The red blends extremely well into the overall design. While armchairs and other large pieces of furniture in their natural shape reinforce the rather opulent nature of the colour, items such as the Progetti umbrella stand or the SMD Design coat rack consciously break through the intensity of the red colour and lend an almost gentle touch to this powerful tone.


  • 1  Jewellery holder from Monkey Business
  • 2  Wall lamp from SMD Design
  • 3  Bag from Chi Chi Fan
  • 4  Headphones from Kreafunk
  • 5  Magnetic key holder from Peleg Design

Functionality meets passion: Red as a daily helper
We have long associated the colour red not only with passion, love and temptation, but also with functionality. It’s this very characteristic that manufacturers are starting to exploit by producing a whole range of convenient gadgets in bright red. Keys and jewellery can be hung from the wall using sturdy hangers. And when bright ideas are in short supply, the red cord on the SMD Design wall lamp is guaranteed to bring illumination. On the other hand, red is keeping a low profile today when it comes to the world of fashion. The “Lady in Red” has become the “Lady in Claret”! The choice of accessories is a statement of individual taste, so when you see the cherry-red Kreafunk wireless headphones flirting with a tinge of gold, seduction is guaranteed.


Hotel tip: Radisson Red Brussels
Inspired by art, music and fashion, the Radisson Red in Brussels is one of the city’s most exciting design hotels. As the first of its kind, it offers, as the name suggests, a mainly red interior. While the walls are inspired by the surrealist art of René Magritte and the story of Soviet space exploration along with its hero, Yuri Gagarin, many of the other design elements are informed by a futuristic lounge ambience.