Let’s celebrate! Party decorations for every occasion.

How do you make a party into a memorable happening? With enthusiasm, imagination and the right atmosphere. And, of course, with a look that matches the occasion. At Ambiente we checked out the latest party decorations and accessories and found a fantastic array of products with new ideas for theme parties and exciting inspirations for turning your celebration into the party of the year. Let’s celebrate!

It all starts with a good idea
Planning any sort of celebration – whether a surprise 60th birthday party for dad, a stag (or hen) weekend or a company anniversary – can generate a great deal of stress. The number one rule for party organisers wanting to avoid burnout is good timing and a to-do list. It’s also important to be able to delegate to a team of reliable helpers. This then leaves time and space for creativity to blossom. A good starting point is to decide on a particular theme. With some occasions the theme is already defined, but with others, such as birthday parties, a dress code or theme can be specified. The ideas then simply bubble up of their own accord.


The theme defines the look
Theme parties are all the rage these days. This was clearly evident at Ambiente where we discovered decorations and accessories based on the widest imaginable range of themes. Summer parties are transformed into Caribbean festivals, barbecues into garden parties all in white, children’s birthday parties into fun themed events with little princesses, deep-sea divers, astronauts and comic characters. The decoration experts from UK company Ginger Ray presented a host of brilliant themed accessories for every taste and festive occasion. The task of organising a party has become a hugely enjoyable adventure!


Parties with a personal touch
Decoration experts Julia Baier and Alexandra Djakeli, founders of the website “Pimp my Party”, also confirmed the potential of the theme trend, which according to them has its roots primarily in the USA: “The really cool thing is that with a specific theme you can transform everyday events like birthday parties into special occasions and create new theme parties. This makes both the planning and the celebration itself great fun.” You can discover inspirations and ideas anywhere – on your travels, in blogs and, of course, at Ambiente. According to the young entrepreneurs, personalised decorations are the “in” thing at the moment. Even serviettes and little presents for guests can be printed with the name and date to create delightful mementoes of the special occasion. “Numbered and lettered balloons are still really eye-catching must-haves”, says Julia Baier. They both agree on the most important elements, which are “a good atmosphere and the guests – that’s where any party stands or falls.”


Trick or treat!
Many party themes and trends have only become popular in the past few years in Europe and come from the land of unlimited (decoration) possibilities – the USA. Halloween is undoubtedly the most popular of these newcomers. The spooky theme can find expression in even the smallest party details such as beakers, snack plates and serviettes – as was abundantly evident at Ambiente, for instance at the ‘Neviti’ stand, which displayed an array of pumpkin decorations. With its colourful product portfolio for every celebration and party theme, the UK company clearly shows that Halloween is no longer just a US export for kids. After all, it’s no bad thing to wake up the inner child in us from time to time.


The happiest day of your life
There are some celebrations that take place just once in our lives, which makes it even more important to ensure that every last detail is just right. Weddings are one such occasion. Sophisticated invitations and thank you cards, personalised gifts and flower arrangements can all add an extra touch of romance. According to the experts from Neviti, sugar-sweet wedding decorations are definitely on trend: “Candy buffet tables lovingly arranged in pastel shades or candy colours offer superb photo opportunities and are an irresistible attraction for young and old on this most important of days.”


A different type of ‘shower’
Finally, we uncovered at Ambiente a typically US trend – the ‘baby shower’, which is normally organised by close friends of the mother-to-be. It’s a great opportunity for soon-to-be parents to receive the gifts they need to help them prepare for parenthood – from diaper bouquets to baby strollers filled with clothes, toys and baby care items. We didn’t have to search for long at Ambiente to find a wealth of ideas for organising a great baby shower party. These occasions are an ideal opportunity for making a real fuss of the excited mother-to-be – after all she won’t have much time for parties for quite a while! From playful invitation cards and pretty buttons for party guests to themed table decorations, there’s no shortage of accessories and objects to make a colourful start to the family photo album.