Bag some joy.

These bold colours and proud patterns will bring cheer to anyone who loves unconventional stuff. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this eclectic look, which is typical of the ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ trend world. Discover lovely home accessories to make your life lighter and a bit more fun.

Trust in diversity

You can be whatever you want to be. With our ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ key trend, this wonderful spirit of tolerance bursts out in all directions. Colours, shapes, patterns and materials are combined with optimism and brio for an energetic, joyful approach. Wall hangings and cushions juggle with lines, diamonds, checks and rich colours taken from nature. Deep pomegranate red teamed with bright sunshine yellow and bonny delphinium blue will warm any living room. Botanical and geometric prints, fringes and embroidery are here in all conceivable combinations.

Pillows by Anke Drechsel, Silkeborg Uldspinderi, Dorothee Lehnen // Blankets by Zenza and Silkeborg Uldspinderi
Rug by The Rug Republic
Tagine and Cocotte by Mèzë // Doorknob by Aveva // Rug by Liv Interior // Spices by The Mill & Mortar Trading Company

Raffia ceiling lights created as part of a project for African refugees combine with slow-cooking cast-iron tagines from Portugal. For maximum variety, think global! These plates are stylish wall decorations, and as colourful as the various traditions they represent. We were pleased to see this reissue of the classic Mono Ring cutlery design from 1962. It doesn’t need a drawer, as it hangs ready to use on the table. Are you ready to overturn convention? Without a dash of confidence, this trend is going nowhere.

Plates by Wik&Walsǿe, FNK Manufaktura, Miyama and Dibbern // Placemats by Tudi Billo
Ceiling lamp by United Nations Refugee Agency / MADE51
Cutlery by Mono
Hammock and pillow by Exporsal // Blanket and pillow by Bungalow

Zoo mood board

We’ve discovered wild animals from the creative kingdom. ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ gives our imagination wings – quite literally, with a gaggle of animals and birds. These creatures soon find a place in our hearts, including a polar bear angler which is actually a tea bag holder and a fish-shaped travel wash bag. The wash bag is fashioned after the traditional Japanese wind sock, koi nobori (literally: carp kite). Birds add a romantic touch to porcelain, and cute wall vases also come in birdie form.

Bag by Rice
Laundry bag by Doiy
Porcelain bird by Rice
Tea bag holder by Necktie

You can create a witty ensemble by combining sweetly tinkling hand-wrought goat bells with a felt animal pendant to match. Why not complete the city-farm look with a pastel-coloured egg cup made from new, sustainable bamboo material, and a retro milk bottle or two? It’s not always the animals’ big, round eyes which enchant us. For example, whale-shaped chopping and serving boards and raffia bags with embroidered lobster motifs are just the temptation we need to go and picnic on the beach.

Bell and needle felted goat toys by De Kulture
Board by T&G Woodware

Out of office

Is it that time already? A papier mâché clock tells the time in style. It stands on four dainty feet and is made of light, handmade paper: it whiles away the time so daintily. With this trend world, the value of good paper is writ large. Offices, in particular, are awash with this tremendous tactile material in optimistic patterns. Flowers and geometric designs, for example on notebooks, spark creativity. Some entertaining aids and amusing executive toys help keep boredom at bay, like these perfectly manicured ‘helping hands’ to hold your books.

Bookends by Doiy // Greeting card by Creative Lab Amsterdam
Table clock by Serax // Notebook by Tudi Billo // Pen by Mark‘s

A small green leather ball encourages you to keep fit in your breaks. The message from ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ is: choose happiness. And if we need to feed our happiness, there’s matcha chocolate and home-made lollies to choose from.

Chocolate by IMV Spezialitäten // Leather ball by Sonnen-Leder //
Notebook and tag by Bungalow
Lollipops by March Design Studio

Light up my life

What a lovely surprise! For young families and urban nomads, this means more than just an attitude. It’s a way of life, being able to adapt quickly to change. They just need the right kit – how about cloth bags for travelling, for the bathroom, the office or anywhere else they come in handy? ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ shows us some pretty, multitasking printed bags. It’s a trend which keeps up with our pace of life and is intuitively cheering. But speed isn’t everything – reflective, self-adhesive stickers for jackets and trousers are also in step with safety, as are these trendy reflectors which could also illuminate a dog collar.

Tags and sticker by March Design Studio
Bags by Bag-All
Shoes by Zenza

Why not give your life a fresh lick of paint? Anything goes, as long as it’s joyful. It sometimes pays to ditch convention and waltz off into the wider world – perhaps wearing some shoes fit for a thousand and one nights?