Addicted to Japan.

Guest post by Jo Yana,

First of all, “Hello everybody!” I’m Jo Yana, French blogger and Instagrammer passionate about beauty. It was the first time for me at Ambiente, and I can’t hide my enthusiasm about discovering the biggest consumer goods fairs in the world focusing on accessories and tableware.

In this post I focus on Japanese brands and designers. I had the wonderful surprise of seeing a lot of Japanese brands at Ambiente. When I asked Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente, she replied: “Because this fair is really a worldwide marketplace. Japan is here to promote the country to all customers from across the world.”


I’m addicted to Japan!!! I go there every year for my art gallery (Gallery Jo Yana). I love their sense of detail, the minimalist beauty… and I’m going to show you my Japanese highlights at Ambiente.

JAPAN STYLE: This initiative exists for Japan, for the world, and for the future. It’s philosophy is “traditional harmony” and it aims not only to preserve the good old traditions of Japan, but also to continue to evolve.

Japan Style Bar at Ambiente 2020

SOIL – Japanese products made using plastering techniques and materials (diatomaceous earth) that breathes as naturally as the earth. In a range of pleasantly organic designs, it effortlessly condenses the bounty of nature, while retaining the moisture-absorbing properties of soil. It can be used without problem by people with sensitive skin and is highly recyclable. A product that creates our future – friendly to people and the environment.

In addition, this little creature absorbs unpleasant odours at home! And this cute « kawaii » cat is an attractive toy for kids.


KAWAI is a brand from Obama city, Fukui prefecture that makes all the tableware you need to create a perfect Japanese table setting: chopsticks, bowls and all the table accessories necessary for a Japanese lifestyle.

Ceramic Japan

CERAMIC JAPAN – There’s a long history of ceramic production in Seto, in Owari province. I really love this high-quality porcelain clay produced from mountains around the city, plus firewood with a high calorific value which is easy to acquire from nearby forests. In addition to these existing natural conditions, our predecessors were always seeking new methods and techniques.

IDEACO – In 1998, the brand was launched and began selling goods with original designs for everyday life in Japan. Ideaco’s brand value lies in its smart revolution of daily life. For example, this tableware made from bamboo that looks like paper. It’s a really good sustainable idea!

NARUMI JAPAN – The Narumi Corporation was founded in 1911. It’s the 2nd largest manufacturer and supplier of tableware in Japan, and the 3rd oldest Japanese manufacturer of western style tableware. The company is based on creating a sustainable human society and caring for the natural environment without which human life and activity is impossible. I loved all the sharp details on the plate, and these amazing blues so typical of Japanese tableware.

Narumi Japan

HIBI – it’s one of my favourite smells in Japan! Founded in Harima in 1929, HIBI is a smart incense matchstick that provides 10 minutes of aroma.

What I like the most about this company is that it develops new scents never seen on the European market such as “Ylang Ylang” – a dense, sensual and exotic scent. To relax and feel fulfilled there is “Yuzu” – a fresh citrus aroma diffusing its lively scent under the winter sky. Ideal for warming and relaxing the mind and body numbed by the cold.


It was a pleasure to be in Frankfurt at Ambiente. I really appreciate this fair: The diversity of all the brands, amongst which were many Japanese brands, there and the scenography are so Instagrammable, and for an influencer like me it was really important.

I also love the city, it’s really cool. Don’t forget to book an extra day to look around…

You can discover more Ambiente highlights on my blog:

Cheers guys,
Jo Yana