Into the big blue.

Blue is the only colour that keeps its character, whatever the shade. As wide as the sea, blue calms a racing heart, bringing trust and harmony. These sought-after pastels, cobalts and azures remind us how cloudless and sweet life can be. Why not look to the horizon and see what blue can do for you? The latest true blue interior collections place this most talented of colours in the spotlight.

Royal blue exposé
In bygone eras blue was costly: the indigo dye used to make this rich colour was imported from far afield. Royalty across Europe discovered that the colour could be used as a symbol of their power. Today, blue is more of a democratic multitasker, and different shades can be pleasantly cool, cute, elegant or calming. This colour wonder is used all around the home, thanks to its positive psychological effect. Soft cushions and deep-blue-sea designer items can summon the power of blue into even the smallest garden retreat.

Lenz & Leif-Eichholtz-Rosenthal-Elvang-Guaxs-blue-colour-Ambiente-01

  • 1  Cushion from Lenz & Leif
  • 2  Cushion from Eichholtz
  • 3  Vase from Rosenthal
  • 4  Clock from Rosendahl
  • 5  Chair from Eichholtz
  • 6  Throw from Elvang
  • 7  Vases from Guaxs

Dial B for blue
Designers have made a date with blue, too. Fashionistas can expect to encounter accessories in cool aquamarine hues this summer. In the office, where dark blue textiles have long been in trend, a charming retro dial telephone is just the thing. Underneath the blue handset, these British devices have all the latest telecommunications technology, so they’re ideal for everyday use.

Chi Chi Fan-Wild & Wolf-Kähler-Sweet Delux-Giving

      • 1  Bag from Chi Chi Fan
      • 2  Lamp from Wild & Wolf
  • 3  Candle holder from Kähler
  • 4  Necklace from Sweet Deluxe
  • 5  Telephone from Wild & Wolf

Shades on a plate
The blue colour family is a tree with many branches, and all its shades combine to excellent effect. A combination of light and dark blues is especially popular right now. For a dash of bright colour on the table, classic cobalt blue porcelain can be combined with translucent aqua effects. And in line with the filter coffee revival, an almost-black ‘Baltic blue’ vacuum flask is the perfect addition to the original Stelton colour trio.


  • 1  Plate from Royal Doulton
  • 2  Vacuum jug from Stelton
  • 3  Bowl from Iittala
  • 4  Pot holder from Rosendahl
  • 5  Cup and saucer from Rosenthal

Step into the blue
The blue ‘family’ can balance out a decor scheme beautifully, providing rest and relaxation even out of doors. Whether you choose one or more shades, the rule of thumb is: the darker the blue and the stronger the sunlight, the more important it is to add less heavyweight-looking counterparts. A radiant blue and white rug will do nicely, or perhaps some ultra-comfy lightweight lagoon-blue garden chairs. For blue beginners, we recommend small islands of colour: swap your cushions, throws or occasional chairs for blue ones. It’s a simple upgrade for indoors and out. Then you’ll soon see if you’re ready to splash an ocean shade across a whole wall – a light-blue wall brings a real sense of distant shores. First an island of blue, then out onto the open seas.

Fermob-Jokjor-Iittala-Garden Glory-Eichholtz-blue-colour-Ambiente-03

  • 1  Chair from Fermob
  • 2  Rug from Jokjor
  • 3  Decorative bird from Iittala
  • 4  Garden hose from Garden Glory
  • 5  Set of baskets from Eichholtz