Hello Yellow!

Sunlight and joie de vivre – yellow makes a positive statement! Whether as a subtle vanilla shade or a bright lemon tone, the primary colour yellow will be in hot demand among fashionistas and design aficionados once again during the coming season. A refreshing and surprisingly versatile trend.

Design-Gelb-Trend-Farbe-Alessi-Sweet Delux- Kähler-Knots Studio-Serax-Lladró-Wesco-Handed By-01

  • 1  Wall clock by Alessi
  • 2  Necklace by Sweet Deluxe
  • 3  Teapot by Kähler
  • 4  Stool by Knots Studio
  • 5  Mirror by Serax
  • 6  Porcelain figurine by LIadró
  • 7  Bowl by Wesco
  • 8  Bag by Handed By

A multi-compatible, eye-catching highlight
Yellow is a colour with a feel-good factor. What’s not to like? No surprise, then, that it makes a comeback time and again in the worlds of fashion and interior design, as can be seen from the current collections. This on-trend colour is increasingly encountered as a multi-compatible and eye-catching highlight in an otherwise purist setting. Industrial design and clean chic dominate with a prevalence of chrome, glass, concrete and natural stone, details such as picture and mirror frames, luminaires, glass and porcelain. Plus, textile accessories in shades ranging from pastel yellow to uncompromising mustard make for stylish accents.

Design-Gelb-Trend-Farbe-Dibbern-Etna-Serax-Eva Solo-Lenz&Leif-Rosendahl-Kähler-Kare-02

  • 1  Plate by Dibbern
  • 2  Glass by Etna
  • 3  Candlestick by Serax
  • 4  Thermos flask by Eva Solo
  • 5  Cushion by Lenz & Leif
  • 6  Wooden figurine by Rosendahl
  • 7  Vase by Kähler
  • 8  Vase by Kare

Sunny surprise
Yellow also works perfectly as a contrasting colour – not only with black, white and grey, but also with pastel and earthy shades or in colour-blocking mode with other commanding tones. In particular, the sunny primary tone is frequently used to provide a surprising splash of colour. The many colourful special editions of well-known classics inhabiting the world of product design – from kettles and toasters to bread bins and fridges – are evidence that yellow has genuine star quality. Ultimately: regardless of how our on-trend colour is showcased, yellow can be relied upon to make a style statement. For more positive energy, for more fun whatever the weather and for a bolder approach to colour. Let the sunshine in!

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