Schoenhaesslich’s visit to Ambiente.

Guest blog by Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich,

What’s happening on the shop front? What’s next? Is Shopping 3.0 on the horizon? The bloggers from Schoenhaesslich (literally: beautiful/ugly) look for answers to these questions at Ambiente 2018 and find what they are after at the Point of Experience. They also discover wonderful design objects that in a few years will still be timelessly beautiful and practical: Plenty of sustainable ideas, Star Wars light sabres and much more to bring us a feel of the future today – as well as plain and simple enjoyment.

Shopping at the Point of Experience

We last visited Ambiente two years ago and were surprised by its size and the countless number of exhibitors at the fair.

This year, Ambiente has a focal point for us – the Point of Experience. It’s a mix of point of sale and the shopping experience of the future. We saw what this experience might look like live at the PoE: product scanners linked to screens that play a video of the item, interactive tables on which you can place digital and analog plates, and a 360° video that immerses you completely in the product world.

Installed to give a touch of nostalgia, the traditional corner shop at the POE looks really old. Here we had a good insight into the future of the retail trade – and it felt absolutely authentic. Nothing was overdone or unrealistic. It brought a tangible sense of the future.

Off to Hall 11

A Schoenhaesslich visit to the fair wouldn’t be complete without checking out Hall 11. This hall focuses on lifestyle and interior products and impressed us again this time with innovative ideas and lots of small high-quality products that we took to our hearts.

Celebrity Couples memory game

One stand immediately catches our eye. It’s all about games – and high-quality design. These creations are a long way removed from those cheerful, but not overly aesthetic, toy boxes that have to be hidden away in a cupboard.

The Printworks stand shows that there is another way with games packed in high-quality paper boxes. Here we found dominoes, pick-up-sticks and our favourite: Celebrity Couples, a memory game with beautifully illustrated celebrities.


Forever, forever ever, forever ever?

‘Forever’ writing instrument. In earlier times, Leonardo da Vinci captured his ideas on paper with a similar silver-tipped stylus and they’ve lasted up to the present day. Why?

Instead of lead or ink, this writing instrument uses a special metal alloy. When you press on a sheet of paper, oxidation occurs and the result looks like a pencil line. Although the contrast is not ultra-strong, the lifespan of the drawing and the instrument is almost infinite. It’s something you’ll have – forever, forever ever!


You can’t beat tap water

Tap water is one of the most carefully tested foodstuffs in Germany and yet we still buy expensive H2O in plastic bottles. This is a really huge environmental problem that the guys from Dopper want to draw our attention to.

Dopper have created a sustainable and stylish designer bottle that has proven extremely popular. It not only saves money, but also does its bit for the environment. We grabbed two of them immediately.

Quartier 63

Bath bombs and light sabres

It would probably take too long to report on each product in detail. We could talk endlessly about Chinese designer coffee mugs, our fight with light sabres or the cool neon lights that we encountered – but the best thing would be for you to come and take a look for yourself at the biggest consumer goods trade fair in the world.

Maybe we’ll run into each other. May the Force be with you!

Bomb Cosmetics
Pierre Starkloff and Johannes Eich