Great cuisine in small portions.

Finger food is extremely fashionable these days. At almost every reception and event you’ll find these little delicacies. And now this trend is increasingly seen at private functions. Because these bite-sized snacks are now being served at more and more parties, this is having an impact on product ranges in the tableware sector.

Although finger food is designed for eating with the fingers, some utensils are still needed to manage the delicious morsels without mishap. And it’s the smaller items in the cupboard that naturally see the most use. Espresso cups are ideal for serving a sup of soup and small spoons and forks are also heavily in demand.gastrotrends_1The only exception seems to be the classic Chinese soup spoon, which can be found at buffets in its normal size. The difference is that it now functions as a plate.

Creativity in serving ideas from Asia is especially to the fore, possibly because sushi is the original finger food.  And when it comes to the ubiquitous skewer, bamboo is normally the material of choice.

But finger food cutlery isn’t just small, it also fulfils quite specific requirements. For example, indentations for cups and glasses are positioned off-centre so that the larger part of the plate can easily accommodate a little skewer or petit-four. What is important is that the diner’s fingers stay as clean as possible and, of course, that there’s always a hand free for the next little delicacy.gastrotrends_2 Photos: Manufacturer