Gifts for Men: Inspiration from Ambiente.

Guest blog by schoenhaesslich

If they had their druthers, Stuttgart bloggers would give exceptional things as presents to each other. At Ambiente they found fancy items for every type of man:

Giving. That’s the theme of the first hall we visit at Ambiente in Frankfurt. This giant consumer goods fair spans eleven buildings, which we decide to attack from the rear.

We’re greeted by an unbelievable variety of products perfect for gifts from men to men: be it just a little something or a stand-out birthday surprise. However, even our women readers may be curious to know what sort of gifts men give one another!? We think it depends what type of man you’re talking about.

Here are our trade fair favourites, grouped according to type of male.

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_01

The homie
Your homie was usually into the same music as you and was always up to date with urban culture. If you’re looking for a present to give him, it’ll need to be something unusual, something he doesn’t expect.

If you want to make this type of man’s day, why not give him a Berlin Boombox? The cardboard ghetto blaster is really eye-catching with its range of styles and artwork. Just plug in a smartphone, and play!

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_02

The outdoor type
If your friend is an outdoor Bear Grylls type, he can be quite elusive as he’s often in the forest or storming to yet another summit. He’s happy with a campfire and a penknife, and most at home in the great outdoors.

The Gentlemen’s Hardware brand specialises in appealing to outdoor types and offers really useful tools and practical accessories.

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_03

The film nerd
He always has the best film tips for you and his most-used phrase is ‘spoiler alert’. He can recite Quentin Tarantino’s filmography in his sleep and always carries a towel with him – Hitchhiker’s Guide fans, you know exactly what we mean.

The only gifts that make the grade here are deeply geeky. If you’d like to give your friend something approaching normality, we warmly recommend the superhero lamp in a jam jar.

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_04

The BBQ king
A steak must be grilled evenly for 3 minutes each side. You only turn it once. If you’ve got a friend who sees these as hard-and-fast rules and not just tips, then you’ll know he’s king of the BBQ.

It’ll be almost impossible to give him the right barbecue equipment. Better give him something he hasn’t already got, but which fits with his outdoor eating predilections. The BBQ Toolbox looks like a classic metal fold-out toolbox, but is actually a portable barbecue. Even Tim Taylor and Al Borland from Home Improvement would envy you this one!

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_05

The caveman
He’s sidestepped evolution, and now thanks to the digital revolution he needn’t leave his man-cave. It’s a bit like the Batcave and his huge collection of games stretches across several bookshelves.

The best gift for your stone-age friend is a great new piece of furniture. What could be better than something from the Lyon Béton Concrete collection?

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_07

The creative type
Probably the worst sort of all. Your picture isn’t hanging straight, your shoes don’t go with your outfit and the handwriting on your last party invitation was appalling. The creative type always has a new idea and opinion to express.

If you want to make your graphic designer friend happy, give him something to scribble and sketch on, or some fine stationery with extravagant lettering. At Ambiente, we were wowed by the Design Letters stand with its grid layout, typography and product design.

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_06

The well-groomed type
His features are adorned with a very special beard, which he grooms carefully each morning. It is washed, brushed and kept soft against his chin with just the right lotion.

Whether or not your friend is bearded, there are now many male grooming products that had almost disappeared just a few years ago. We’ve already mentioned Gentlemen’s Hardware, and can also recommend giving OAK Beardcare products to your beardy buddy.

schoenhaesslich_Guest blog _Gifts for Men_08

The gourmet
If you suggest going out to eat, he’ll need to read the restaurant reviews first. His favourite programmes are the cookery ones. The thought of sub-standard food makes him feel queasy and if you’re invited round for dinner, he’ll use only the finest ingredients.

Of course you should give him something culinary. At Ambiente in Frankfurt, we discovered Dutchdeluxes top-quality leather aprons. What could be more manly?

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