Food inside, mishmash outside.

America led the way and now we’re joining them. The fridge door is the new – often disorderly – family pinboard. But there’s no shortage of products to help prevent this new messaging system drifting into chaos. 

Posting important information on the fridge door is a great idea. After all, it’s probably the most frequently used door in any home. Every member of the family takes a look inside at some time or other during the day. So, what better place to stick shopping lists, appointments, children’s drawings, photos and messages than the fridge door? Reminders, discount coupons, pizza delivery menus and phone numbers all find a place on this originally large blank canvas. And before you know it, you’ve got a complete mishmash of messages.

To stop this happening and to rescue some form of order from the chaos, a bit of organisation is needed. The good thing is that nearly anything that can be posted on a wall can also be fixed to the fridge door with magnets. Flyers, menus and coupons can be organised in letter holders or suspended pocket files. A rewritable calendar offers the perfect alternative to individual appointment notes – and the calendar markers can be kept in a conveniently positioned “desk tidy”.kuehlschrank_1And, of course, those indispensable magnets are a real boon when it comes to organisation. Magnets with different colours, letters or figures can be used to show at a glance the importance of individual notes or who they belong to.

A tidy fridge is a good fridge – this applies to the outside as well as the inside. And when your appointments and notes are all in their proper place, there’s more room for those nice things in life such as photos, postcards and pictures of the children.