Flowers that never fade.

Floral décor is one of our all-time favourites, whether tender buds or in full bloom. And nothing beats wild meadow flowers, especially now it’s summer time. Modern interiors can be created in the spirit of an English country garden, with multi-coloured posies of porcelain and textiles spreading a natural lyricism. You just need the right amount of floral input, as our examples show.

Growing pleasure.
Sky-blue and sweet-smelling. A wild growth of bluebells covers whole forest floors and parks in Scotland. Designer Fiona Douglas, who founded young label Bluebellgray, uses her watercolours to create British landscape-inspired floral patterns for fabrics, crockery and furniture. This style lifts the spirits and goes with just about anything. It can also withstand some challenging combinations, for example with industrial design. After all, too much harmony quickly becomes dull.

Ambiente-floral-crockery-furniture-Bluebellgray-Schottland-pillow-Fiona Douglas_01

  • Manufacturer: Bluebellgray

Anything but wallflowers
Sow a flower pattern, reap lovely table linen. These sweet meadow blossoms make tablecloths, serviettes and table sets express the most romantic sentiments. Striking fantasy flowers also offer great effects and make the table a place for relaxation. Simply add subtly coloured crockery, no profusion of real flowers – don’t overdo the decoration. This understated cottage style will bring a dash of country living to your own home.

Ambiente-tablecloths-Proflax-IHR-Sander-Paw-flower-pattern-Tischdecken-Servietten-Cottage-Stil-table sets -02

  • 1  Tablecloth from Proflax
  • 2  Serviettes from Paw
  • 3  Placemat from Sander
  • 4  Serviettes from IHR Ideal Home Range

Forget me not
Back in Victorian times people loved a flourish of flowers across cups and plates. Retro is now cutting edge, and has been for some time – but this is by no means a step backwards. Although new crockery sets may abandon minimalism and space – the cornerstones of modern design – they replace them with maximum originality and emotion. Fruit and petals pattern the porcelain like playful dancers, with sparks here and there from gold decoration. Even fashion-conscious hipsters with their trendy beards aren’t too cool for these coffee cups.

Ambiente-Tasse-Teller-Porzellan-Kaffeetassen-Dibbern-Rosenthal-Royyal Albrt-Wedgwood-Victorian times-03

  • 1  Dinner set from Dibbern
  • 2  Cups from Rosenthal
  • 3  Dinner set from Royal Albert
  • 4  Dinner set from Wedgwood