Deep green. How to create a treehouse at ground level.

Don’t we all dream sometimes of climbing up to a treehouse perched high in the branches? Even if there are no trees nearby, we can still recreate the feel of a treetop refuge with the use of planters. Urban gardeners love practical pots and containers, whether placed indoors or out on the terrace or balcony. We found an array of great inspirations around the theme of city gardening at Ambiente.

Serax-House plants-wall flowers-urban gardening-01

  • Manufacturer: Serax

Hang ‘em high!
House plants make us feel closer to nature. Today’s interior décor enthusiasts are captivated by green and flowering indoor plants – and are creating rooms that feel fresher and livelier. A familiar classic plays a big role here: the hanging basket is back! Whereas in the past they were generally made from knotted sisal or other natural materials, nylon and metal cord are often used now. Hip hanging baskets are definitely on our shopping list. Other offshoots of this trend include glass and ceramic wall vases. And by grouping several of these together, you can make your walls bloom. Even on their own, these single “wall flowers” convey the charm of urban gardening.


  • Manufacturer: Affari, Serax

Entry into paradise
Green housemates need to be rooted in a good pot in order to thrive and enhance the indoor climate. The perfect pot should not only give enough space for a healthy root system, it should also be visually effective. In fact, planters have great decorative potential and can complement any interior design. Terracotta classics in artificial materials also start to develop an attractive patina. The clay pots from the Swedish label Affari represent vintage style in its pure form. Clad in a light covering of moss, they look as though they’ve been standing for decades in a romantic cottage garden – and give charisma and a sense of relaxation. The extravagant porcelain plant pot holders from Serax also add to the flair of the enchanted garden. Planted with lavender and other scented herbs, these pastel eye-catchers give a touch of summer to terrace and balcony.

Succulents-cacti-D&M Depot-03

  • Manufacturer: D&M Depot

A star is born
Succulents and cacti are currently the kings among indoor plants. They are extremely undemanding, evergreen and a superb enhancement to the balcony during the summer months. By putting various differently shaped cacti together, you can create an attractive ensemble of these desert beauties, which do well even in small planters. The robust foliage is perfect for terrariums. These small but perfectly formed stars also cut a good figure in mini-greenhouses and glass hanging baskets.

Polystone-O Living-Serax-D&M-04

  • Manufacturer: D&M Depot

Paper and concrete
A variety of robust materials are currently being used for planters. Concrete, for instance, offers a statement of coolness. The rough surface and low weight of artificial stone materials such as “Polystone” and “Rockstone” (a combination of natural stone and resin) are also compelling. At Belgian design shooting star “O living” we discovered sculptural treasures for indoors and outdoors that look like heavy stone but are actually light and easy to transport. However, the real flyweights of home gardening are the white flowerpots from “D&M”. These are made from recycled Lokta paper, which is then covered with a layer of hard plastic. The original paper is handmade and is often used in Nepal for prayer texts as it is resistant to insects such as moths. A fascinating gem of sustainability!